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Have No Fear - God is Near

Monday, July 11, 2016

Whooo...Okay...I Do not Usually bring up my own Faith. I try to express messages without imposing Beliefs...It is my intention that I lead you to information and you make your own decision about Whether to Exchange any Old Beliefs for a Spankin' Shiny Brand New One.

My Goodness my head has been reeling with all of the Chaos and Turmoil in the World...It is so easy to Distract me from what we have been Learning and Practicing and Sharing and talking about for the past year...We've been getting ready for times like these. Whatever happens Next is up to us to decide...In our Action. We Create Reality Based on our Emotions...We've got this Great List of Discovery (which is to say all of the things we have been Learning over the last 14 months).

Let me share the List of Discovery with you...These are all things we have Learned about and absorbed...In order...I have left a bread crumb trail for anyone who would care to venture back through my Library Archives...I have been certain to share every step along the way to Discovery. It is One thing to have this Knowledge...Yet it is of Much Greater Benefit through Understanding.)

So the List of Discovery...


We are ALL Biologists and Psychologists by Default...and We can Control Every aspect of our internal workings...Depending on our Emotions. We've Learned EMOTIONS are Tied to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING...

To give it a List...


And this List Just Keep Growing as I Do...as WE Do!

What is important to take away from this is that HOW YOU CHOOSE TO FEEL DICTATES YOUR REALITY.

As you can see...This has been quite a Journey...and For Good Reason...Things are about to Shift Big Time...We Know this because it always gets Worse Before it Gets Better...And Boy Howdy sometimes we have to go through Forced Cleanings...Which I suspect has everything to do with what may come if we Don't Change our Vibration Frequency and Tone Immediately...No More Waiting...My Own Heart tells me that there is Time to Prepare but No Time To Waste. Be Prepared for Anything...Everything...Be In Charge of You Through All of it...Do not Allow Someone to Think for you...Listen within to your Own Heart and you Will Always be Lead to Safety and Be Preserved...Be Accountable for You...It is the Only way to Conquer that which lies ahead of us. I do not know what it will be (Hence be prepared for anything/everything.) But based on the Chaos at hand...and Given Past Experience...You can better Believe this is going to be Changing. For Good or Bad is Really for Us to Decide...and You Will Get what you Expect...So Be Prepared...Whatever your Focus is on shall be delivered unto you...Be Certain you are emulating Love Peace and Kindness...

If you are upset at the Chaos and Violence...Please Do Not Perpetuate it by sharing your Disdain for such a thing...That only adds to that Vibe you see...You will also contribute to the hate by enlisting those emotions of disgust and disapproval. The truth is that is Judging Another...and That is not your Job...Nor is it mine...

Rather than defend your Position or how much you try to stomp out that opposing view...You are only generating a lower frequency that puts you in Danger of Not A Happy Outcome. What do I mean by that really? Low Vibration attracts Low Vibration to it...So you will find all of the Misery you are Projecting...The Beauty is the same is True for the Opposite...And All of it Can Change as Quick as Your Mind..Your Thought....Your Belief of it...You can Bring others Up in Energy which Brings you Up even higher in Vibration Frequency and Energy...

Joy-Love-Peace all of these Feelings make you Feel Like you are Floating Right...While the other Feelings make you actually feel heavier and slower...Don't they? So You are in control of which emotions you send out...and you get back what you put out...So Put out Good to get back even More Good...That is really How it Works Folks...You get Paid Accordingly...We all really Know this in our Hearts I'm sure.

Now...This part may offend some folks...Which is why I have tried to be Pretty Politically Correct through everything...Allowing you To make your Own Decisions...Sharing Facts and Not too much of my own opinions...

However...It is My Belief...With a Passion...That I have left out The Most Important Key to All of this Knowledge...The Last Piece of the Puzzle before you get the Full Picture...The Key to bring All of it to Fruition...and you can Decide for Yourself How important (if at all) that you think this is.

You can stop reading now if you take offense easily...Because Now I am going to share that I am a Christian and that All of this means Nothing if You Do not have your Creator and God in your own heart...I've never Died before (that I can remember) so I do not know for sure what is Right-What is For Certain...But in my Heart...I Believe in Christianity which teaches that Jesus Christ is the Truth The Light and The Way...and that anyone who asks Jesus into their Heart and asks to be Forgiven of their Sins shall have Eternal Life...Eternal Life...Meaning a Whole Lot Longer than we actually live on this Earth as Humans...This is not really something to take lightly...When I say to be Prepared for Anything...I mean being Prepared to Die in Jesus Name who Died on the Cross for You and You and You and me...for all of us.

Now before I go any further...I'd like to be careful about how I choose my words...each one is so important to the message...

No Matter How Long this Life is...Your After Life is Eternal...Never Ending...(So I Believe). Now Let's step out of Religion and Back into Logic for Just a Moment...We know that for Every Action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction...Would you all agree with that?

If you are a Christian You Would Believe that There is a Heaven and There is a Hell...Equal and Opposing...and that One or the Other is where you Get to Spend your Eternal Life...One is Unimaginable to me...I dare not even think on it...I just don't like to entertain those thoughts if I can help it...but suffice it to say..Anything you have ever feared and imagined only worse oh...and Forever...Eternally...Never Ceasing...Never Ending...Worse than you could imagine...But settle your mind...

Or...Or...Or...The Truth...The Light...and The Way. Jesus Christ Loves you and He wants you to Put on your Armor and Join His Army - To Be Fishers of Men...To Save this World from What it is Becoming...It is Not too Late to Raise the Vibration of our Nations and Get our Planet on a Better Course...We have to have more of his Light shining Through us to Light the Way for Others that they Might Find their way also...before it is too late...For one Day Soon...Our Lives here will expire...It is How Human Life works...We are here for but a blink of an eye...It is our Decision and Only ours to make...But I would Invite you Right Now in this Moment that if you are not willing to gamble on what happens after life and you want Blessed Assurance...to ask Jesus into your heart and to forgive you of your sins...and He will wash your slate clean as snow...Jesus Loves all the Little Children...All the Children of the world. You...Me...All of us...If we Choose to accept him as our Savior and Lord...Words are not really even necessary if you feel it in your heart...You do not have to speak out loud...He hears your Heart...Talk to Him. Do you realize that Heaven Also...is far more wonderful than we have ever been able to imagine...(Sounds like my kind of place!)

Now I want to share a video with you...This may make you feel uncomfortable...but that is only because it may challenge your Beliefs...That is Good. Some Folks may not know of his Love and Eternal Grace...This is a Testimony...I cannot say for certain....It is not factual...It is indeed Spiritual...and You are the one to Decide if you will Believe or not...I don't want to Leave this World having had this kind of Platform and Not Shared an Invitation to all of my Brothers and Sisters to Consider Your Eternal Life and if you want to Gamble on Whether there is a Heaven or a Hell...If there is God and a Devil...

Based on all that we have seen in this World...I don't want to take any Chances...and I want you to have Eternal Lasting Life with Him in Heaven with Me and everyone else who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord......When Satan comes knocking on your Door...and He Will...I want you to be able to Have Have Jesus in your heart...the Only Way to Defeat Lucifer...For Greater is He that is in me...Than He that is in the World. John 4:4

Jesus Said: Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock that if any man heareth my voice and open the door I will come in and sup with him and he with me. Revelation 3:20

All you have to do is Ask him in.


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    Thank You
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    Powerful, and insightful...and so needed! Thank you for this, my friend!
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    Thank you for this!
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