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Sunday, July 10, 2016

There is no short cut, no pill. no video tape and no extreme diet that will make you achieve your weight and fitness goals so STOP looking. Yes I know it's tempting when you see some diet pill that says "You can lose weight without HARMFUL exercising" Just a clue..if the add says exercise is Harmful- the product is probably as bogus as THAT claim.

I'm not saying that each of these things aren't beneficial..but they are not in and of themselves the sole answer. I have literally spent years and thousands of dollars on bariatric doctors, supplements, video tape workouts, fat blockers, carb blockers, diet books etc... And the answer for me...and for almost all the people I read about on spark who are successful is good old common sense. I know fads like atkins are all the rage but COME ON! Bacon??? Healthy???? it pisses me off when a hear people, even medical people tell my Dad( who has heart problems) that he can have a license to eat all the "Fat and salt he wants as long as he doesn't eat carbs" First of all my Dad doesn't know carbs from fats or proteins and a hole in his head and has no desire to learn. Second he is never gonna stop eating carbs to the point of achieving keytosis.(Spelling?)Neither am I for that matter. But what my dad does hear is eat all the fat you want it;s OK!Extreme diets like THAT do tick me off and brings me to this blog. NO IT ISN'T OK!!!!"Nothing too extreme is in the long haul. And if you have more than a few pounds to drop ys need to realize it IS going to BE a :Long Haul" There are lots of " Diets" out there- meaning you go on them for a period of time to achieve a goal.The can often be hard to stick to and end up being the cause of some of us falling off the healthy wagon. ..then there are LIFESTYLE plans and THAT is what most of us need to aspire to. And it's not just a " Diet" though there are several diets that are useful guidelines to use in a lifestyle. For me the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet both are methods of eating that I can do without feeling like I am on a " Diet" And they give me energy to work in exercise which is the other component. And for me.. tracking is a must. Though I do have to be careful NOT to let it take over my life- logging food is very important. Other components I find useful Supplements ( A multivitamin, Calcium & D, CLA's, Probiotics, 1000mg Glutamine, and amino acid supplements are daily things for me) and exercise- be it walking, swimming or a video is also critical. Then all those fat blockers, carb blockers and magic ills, if they help motivate ya- even as a placebo the HAVE AT IT! But don't go into it thinking a pill will make you drop dozens of pounds. Not gonna happen. Like said NO SHORTCUTS!

And it's all about breaking each day down into a series of choices... from what time will I go to sleep- to which video do I want to work out with to... salt or no salt? Trying to lose 90 plus pounds is overwhelming if looked at any other way. But it is even crueler to be hopeful there is a magic food, pill or potion that can make me lose weight without paying the cost for pounds lost. But being realistic keeps me from being disappointed and possibly losing my motivation Mojo. And if you have a lot of weight to lose, you're probably in the same boat.

So if you're getting on spark- set clear measurable goals for yourself, have a reasonable plan that FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE and includes healthy eating as well and some kind of exercise and hopefully food logs of some sort. All the other stuff is just gravy. Do what works for you and find something you can STICK WITH. There is no shortcut- so you're probably going to be doing whatever plan you concoct for a pretty long time. Don't set yourself up to be miserable...set yourself up to be happy and to be successful Do don't fall for the hype. Remember If it sounds too good to be true- IT REALLY IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Knowledge is power... make yourself POWERFUL! And them go get healthy! See ya round sparkers!
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