My 4 Year Spark Anniversary

Friday, July 08, 2016

I've been a member of SparkPeople for 4 years!! I joined on July 8, 2012. It's been an interesting 4 years!

Year 1: 7/8/12 - 7/8/13 - I started out by jumping into everything! I joined a gym. I joined a BLC, and kept that up for a couple of rounds. I lost 70 pounds. I was recognized by my friends at school as being "the Biggest Loser" in terms of weight loss. I felt great!

Year 2: 7/8/13 - 7/8/14 - Hospitalized for a month with bilateral pneumonia, home and rest for 2 more months. Returned to work to a nightmare situation. It was difficult. If you want more details, please read my other blogs about this.***I meant to add here that I firmly believe, with all my heart, that if I hadn't had Year 1 under my belt with SP, that I most likely would not be here now.

Year 3: 7/8/14 - 7/8/15 - A doozy of a year. Started out great. Then had open heart surgery (5 bypasses and aortic valve replacement). Out of work for the rest of the year. Then lost my job. If you'd like to read about those things, there are detailed past blogs.

Year 4: 7/8/15 - 7/8/16 - Much better year. Filed for retirement. Moved back in with DH (who's been a saint). Regaining health and stamina, but I won't lie and say I'm back 100% because I'm not. I'll do things, like today, I made 2 batches of blueberry jam. It's not HARD, but it's a lot of time standing over a hot stove, and at the end of it I was pooped! Looking to improve that stamina in a lot of areas, and that just takes consistency and determination. Improving my diet - eating more whole foods, real foods, fruits and veggies, more protein, less carbs, a little more fat. Trying to exercise every day because it's important too. Keeping a good balance.

Let's hope the coming year will be another good one!!
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