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Still Holds True, Quitting is NOT an Option

Thursday, July 07, 2016

When you eat to live instead of live to eat then you become mindful of the things you nourish your body with and you will become a much healthier person. Eating healthy means not only weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight but you sleep better, you have more energy, you have less health problems, you don't constantly think "what will I eat for my next meal?" Don't eat by the hours on the clock, eat only when you are truly hungry, your body will Queue you to the fact. Stay hydrated. Not having enough fluids daily can make you think you are hungry when all you need is a cup or two of water to satisfy you. Exercise. I don’t mean you have to get out and run a marathon. Start small. A ten minute walk daily to start. Shoot I started out with a 5 minute walk, thought it would kill me but I kept at it. Literally, I was in so much pain I wanted to give up, I didn’t though. Now I can walk for hours at a time. It’s a great feeling. One of the hardest steps was letting go of "Food Buddies", you know the people in your life that only eat junk, you have to surround yourself with people who have a healthy outlook. I'm not saying dump your friends, just stop going out to eat with friends that like to eat at high fat establishments. Talk to your friends and let them know you are taking steps to insure a long healthy life and that will reflect in your new lifestyle, if that is greeted with “Oh one doughnut won’t hurt you” or “Ha Ha Ha bet that doesn’t last long” etc. then walk away. You need support. It’s no different then an alcoholic that’s trying to stop drinking. Addiction is addiction, is addiction. Laugh all you want but it’s the truth. I am a food addict, nobody caused me to be overweight but me, these were the positive steps I have taken to lose 170 pounds. I am now working on the last 25 to 30 pounds. I just want to be healthy. I want to be running on the beach with my son when I am 70 years old. I want to see all three of my Grand Sons grow up and have children of their own. I don’t want to feel old before my time. I am the only one standing in my way now.
No excuses cause like I’ve said from the get go.... QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION!”
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