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A funny thing happened on our way to health......

Saturday, July 02, 2016

emoticon OMG I am THRILLED!!!!!! As it turns out, my DH has sleep apnea. He was tested.(High is 30 he was 95 whatever that means) I have known for several years that he would stop breathing occasionally, for tiny periods of time. I would just move & he would breath & sleep. I REALLY didn't know it was a big deal. I am SO not medical, I mean AT ALL. When he went through his 5 month hospital ordeal in 2014, that's when I started learning about the medical world. (I fear needles) I am an entertainer, have been all of my life. Ask me about theater emoticon emoticon emoticon & I can probably tell you. Some say I live in WOOWOO land. emoticon That's OK with me, I'm VERY fun to be around! emoticon The medical stuff just goes over my head. I am a naturalist emoticon & VERY pro-active with our health. emoticon emoticon :-) emoticon That is why SP is so perfect for me. I can use the tools I learn here & apply them to our lives. emoticon

Anyway, 2 nights ago, DH was given a 'machine' for this situation. We already just got a new bed, (Can you believe how much a good bed costs? ) after his test, he slept better at the testing place, then he does at home. emoticon We have been sleeping MUCH better. BUT with this machine he is sleeping through the night & I slept through the night for the first time in years, because I was listening for him to stop breathing & move him. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I WAS DOING THIS! The Dr. said DH would wake up with more energy, lose weight & want to move, more, as his back would be responding, also. Plus he would wake up no longer in a fog. Well that's EXACTLY what happened to me today! emoticon When I woke up, after a heavy rain, I walked our dog, Lucy emoticon , then went to my favorite hike spot & hiked for 90 minutes emoticon , came home swept the deck, cleaned the pool, swam with him, trimmed plants & cleaned house. emoticon I have been eating perfectly all day. emoticon I did all of this between 6am & 12:00pm. emoticon I am sparking now, so at the computer, but NO kidding I could go out & dance! I will take it easy the rest of the day, I've done 300 minutes of exercise & even though I feel like I could, I will be easy on myself, I don't want to over do it & "crash" tomorrow! I am SO happy I could do my happy Zumba dance! This is a GREAT way to start of MY new year! emoticon I am SO blessed! emoticon emoticon This is the best gift emoticon of all, our health!!!!!!

Thanks for reading & commenting your positive thoughts! I love you, SP friends!

emoticon emoticon UPDATES!!!!!! emoticon emoticon

7-3-16 A morning of swimming with my DH! First time in YEARS!!!!! & we've swam 3 times since he got his machine! on July 1. I am AMAZED at how well he responds to this full face mask. It doesn't bother him at all. His energy is VERY much like it was 10 years ago! I am SO very happy. It IS changing our lives! My prayers are being answered! I want to play with him, not watch him sleep & lay around most of the day, because of back pain. EVEN his back is feeling BETTER! If your Dr. says you need the test, DO IT. I promise life CAN be better if you have this condition. See Jeanknee below. This is a huge dramatic change & the sign I have wanted since 2012, when his health started going down hill. (That's why I joined SP. To get my health back, so I could help him do the same!) Happy 4th to all who celebrate! The whole world emoticon can celebrate freedom, I feel like we have found ours! PLEASE find yours, too!

emoticon 7-4-16 emoticon Be safe, everyone! We will be watching the fireworks from our TV. GREAT shows on! "They are expecting 140,000 people here this weekend. A good day to stay home & swim! emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon 7-6-16 Yes! Today is my B'day! I am celebrating my health & my life! SP has given it back to me! I love my SP friends emoticon My life has improved SO much since I joined 3-16-12, I mean REALLY! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I am the most active I have ever been! I am happy to be eating VITALIZING foods that make me want to jump for joy! emoticon emoticon Today is shopping at my favorite specialty store. Dinner with family & friends & REMEMBERING I am worth the effort it takes to be healthy! emoticon Also, I've walked Lucy dog, & did my Sheppard Pilates dvd. Zumba, tomorrow. I am SO lucky I have learned these amazing tools! If you haven't read THE SPARK, by Chris Downing, & you are still looking for the answers, I hope you will read it & use the tools! It is the best thing I ever did for myself! emoticon

Birthday a few years ago! LOL!

10 years old, performing with friend, BOZO

emoticon 7-7-16 "LOVE IS ECSTASY." emoticon Yogi tea emoticon

emoticon 7-11-16 Busy, fun days! Hope to catch up with you, all, soon! Be the health you want to be & I will too! emoticon

7-13-16 IF Life is but a dream..... let's dream BIG! (My Mom has always taught me this!)

7-14-16 emoticon Yesterday I completed a project I have been wanting to do for MANY years.... DONE, YEAH!!!!! emoticon Doing my happy dance! Off to swim!

Sand under microscope

Lotus growing, so pretty!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Blessings that your hubby can now sleep restfully and you can too! Happy happy have made wondrous changes in health and now you are a wonderful example for your DH.

    You know all of your spark friends are so happy for the blessing you bring to our lives! emoticon emoticon
    1734 days ago
    Your so special..glad you and Dh are happy..
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1741 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1742 days ago
    Your such an inspiration to the team...Keep up the good work glad you and your dh are in fabulous health. emoticon emoticon
    1744 days ago
    That is wonderful, so happy you are both benefiting. This will not only improve your quality of life but the length.
    1749 days ago
    So glad you were able to resolve this issue. Can not imagine that number of times not breathing in an hour.
    1750 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    Wow, what a positive outcome for you both!
    1750 days ago
    I'm happy for you and your DH!
    It is wonderful that you can feel the difference after just a few days, and you can rest peacefully, without subconscious worries.
    1750 days ago
    DH has sleep apnea as well. He has a breathing machine and sleep much better now. We also have a new adjustable bed and it has worked wonders.
    1750 days ago
    Awesome! May you both rest easy from now on!
    1750 days ago
    emoticon Yes Apnea affects partners as well. Wow sounds like you are getting your energy back!!

    That is AWESOME!
    1750 days ago
    How wonderful that you and your DH are BOTH sleeping better! This will benefit you immensely!
    1750 days ago
    emoticon So Glad to hear how well you are both doing!! Sleep Apnea is a Serious Issue, but many people are completely unaware of it until it has done some Real Damage.
    emoticon I am doing the Happy Dance with you!
    1751 days ago
    Great news, that he got a diagnosis, not that he had sleep apnea. Wonderful that you're both sleeping better. My doctor's been trying to get me to take the test again but I refused. Your blog is making me change my mind. Thanks for sharing.
    1751 days ago
    I'm glad he, and you, are getting the care you both needed to sleep better. Here's to better health for both of you. emoticon
    1751 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Took me quite a while to get adjusted to my C-PAP (headgear the issue) and now Bi-PAP. The return of deep sleep (REM) was welcome and has kept a heart condition under control for me for about 8 years. Good this got diagnosed for DH. My oxygen sats went from high 80's to high 90's.

    Sweet dreams to both of you.
    1751 days ago
  • AURA18
    Health is the best emoticon present of all.
    1751 days ago
    Really glad to hear that it's being addressed. I had a friend who had sleep apnea. I had no clue what it was or how dangerous it was until it was diagnosed.
    1751 days ago
    I suffered with sleep apnea for years. The machine will work wonders for DH! He is going to feel like a new man!!!

    For some of us, sleep apnea has a structural basis. For most of us, carrying excess weight is the basis for it developing. That was the case for me ... excess weight. Excess weight gone. Sleep apnea resolved. No more machine. Now, feel wonderful even without the machine.

    This condition has serious consequences. So, do take the diagnosis seriously. And whenever your DH has anything done (even the trips to the dentist), they need to be aware that he has sleep apnea.

    You and DH will both be feeling better with restful nights! emoticon emoticon
    1751 days ago
    You are in a great place my friend…keep it up. A fantastic attitude is everything! hugs, fredie
    1751 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14034154
    Betrho48 is correct that your DH has sleep apnea. Yes, it can be a very dangerous situation t be in, if you don't get treatment. This is what the numbers mean, and I know this how, because I had the test 10 years ago and at that time I stopped breathing 15 times in an hour. My doctor says as you age, it only gets worse, and I asked him to test me again, as I felt like I was better and he told me this is not a test that they repeat. Your DH stopped breathing 90 different times, in one hour. They say that the high is 30 and I'm not sure where that is coming from. I used to wear a CPAP machine, but the VA switched to APAP, which I love better than the CPAP. Yes, I use mine every night. I'm not able to use the mask, as I could never get it to stay sealed, so I chose the nose cannulas. Also, my blood oxygen drops below 80%, when I'm sleeping, and that's very dangerous, also. I always tell the surgeons when I go in for surgery, but they kind of sluff it off and then when I wake up they respond with that I though you were kidding, but you were serious. The two good things about this is that you're both getting the much needed rest that you've been searching for, but it was elusive. So pleasant dreams on this specia day of your!


    - Nancy Jean -
    1751 days ago
    1751 days ago
  • BETRHO48
    emoticon I think the correct term is sleep apnea rather than apathy...? ("Apnea" is a word that means "a period without breathing.")
    Thank goodness he was diagnosed and is on treatment! Sleep apnea can be life threatening for the person who has it. And as you already figured out, you all will sleep better now!
    1751 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Happy annual return around the sun! emoticon
    1751 days ago
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