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My mirror must have a medical degree too......

Monday, June 27, 2016

We all know extra weight has bad implications. Still, even if I engage in healthy habits all month, I won't be magically thin. So while we are working on our health, what if something goes wrong? What if we get a mysterious medical issue and need help?

The sad reality is that if we are fat, that help may never come. Doctors are so blIndeed my our fat, that they can't see or think of anything else and sadly, they think they don't have to. Isn't it sad they they feel that they don't have to be better?

When I go to the doctor, I often just get told to make lifestyle changes and get lectured about calories and weight. Basically, no matter what issue I am there for, the response is " You're fat, lose weight."

If you explain you are trying, they roll their eyes as though they can smell the cake batter you rolled n last night because fat and cake goes together like apple and pie, right?

Suffering from a headache? Lose weight? Tired? Lose weight Neck pain? Stress less and lose weight.

Well, my mirror tells me to lose wright every day, so it must have a medical degree too. I will consult it next time I walk by it.

Doctors and medical professionals need to do WAY better. They did not spend years of their life to blame everything on fat and they get paid WAY too much to not put in an ounce of effort.

If we are willing to make lifestyle changes and try and we are doing everything we can, wh can't they try a little harder too?

I see doctors googling symptoms and we all can do that, so that isn't using their skills in my opinion.

When i first had hypothyroidism, doctors told me I was just "far and depressed" and to "exercise." They were wrong.

As pateints, we must stand up for ourselves. To be honest, if you lost 30 lbs and still had 20 to go, your health issues would still be attributed to your weight.

What if someone has Cushngs or Lupus? What if they are tired from MS or if it's something simple that doctors just don't want to look for?

It's fine if the doctors want to lecture and are concerned about weight. It's another when they fail to do anything else.

Fat is an easy scapegoat to not do their jobs. Depression is too.

When you aren't feeling well, you have to speak up, you have to use your voice because if you don't, you will feel crushed and unwell and that is NOT okay.

Meanwhile, we have to show somehow that we are becoming healthier. Ecxuse doctors only believe what they see. They only learn through observation.

I have had enough of people in white coats thinking they can say whatever they want and do squat. They expect more of us and we have to start expecting more of them.

They went to college so it's time for them to start using that knowledge. Blaming is not using knowledge, it's wasting it.

Doctors, you can do better, so much better. Yes, being overweight can cause health issues but so can bad doctors.

Use your voices NOW!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Agreed. Not everything is caused by weight. But that's all their responses are. Or it's all in your head go see a therapist. I'm tired of it. I still have mystery illnesses because of it. We do need to expect them to do better. Great blog.
    1027 days ago
    I get most things blamed on my MS. I have many issues and I know it is complicated for the docs. I often look for the easy answers in my life, too, so understand the tendency to do that. I do hope you find a doctor who will really listen and help you get the answers and treatments you need. Hang in there. I hope you find success in your search for help.
    1027 days ago
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