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800 calories diet

Sunday, June 26, 2016

I have heard about this before but just read the book by Dr Michael Mosley - and he is a real doctor. It claims to reduce or reverse diabetic symptoms in 8 weeks. The diet is very strict but high is saiety so I should not feel hungry. I will report here every 2 weeks to see how I am going.

Diary today, weight 79 kg. waist 43 inches (measured across the bellybutton) and fasting blood this morning 182 (higher than usual) - aim to lose 3kg and get b/g back to my usual 120 reading before a stupid nutritionist put me on a high carb diet.

I will be starting the diet in a couple of days when I have stocked my shelves with avocados, nuts and vegetables.
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    Thanks Pynetree, I guess I am going to need luck but also determination and motivation. Maybe the blog will help me. I haven't gone into every detail of the diet, it took a whole book to do that but there are carbs and carbs. I can have chickpeas, lentils, pulses, etc. I was doing so well with readings between 85 and 120 with the occasional peak after a meal out or a party (booze) and could very quickly get back on track.

    2 years ago I had a hypo and frightened my husband to death when my eyes rolled to the back of my head I vomited and blacked out. I went to see my doctor and was told I needed to see a nutritionist to get my blood level stable (even though I have only had one hypo in 11 years) as I was sometimes as low as 65 but knew to grab a snack. The nutritionist put me on a high carb diet, i.e. cereal for breakfast, bread with lunch and rice, pasta or potatoes with dinner. In 3 months my bloods were around 200 / 230 and my weight had gone up by 5 kg. I went back to my own balanced diet but over 2 years have struggled to get my bloods back down and I have not been able to lose any weight. This diet is a last ditch effort to get myself back on track. Once I am (hopefully) I will return to a normal balanced diet. This is not a diet for life, just 8 weeks. Keep up with my progress on my daily blogs.

    By the way Malteers are little balls of malty light as air biscuits coated with chocolate. I like to eat the chocolate off and then let the biscuit melt in my mouth. I don't have a sweet tooth, hence they had been in my cupboard for over a year.
    1504 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/28/2016 8:59:43 AM
    No, we apparently do not have malteers here in the USA, as I have never heard of them...and I am immensely familiar with most treats!

    I am not one to follow restrictive diets for very long. Have been at this game of losing weight & leveling my blood glucose for a long time. Pretty successful at keeping my blood glucose in line. And in the last 2 -3 years I am losing some weight....except for the last 12 days, where I ate like it didn't matter, and 7 lbs. Have crept back on!!
    My fairly successful plan has just been everything in moderation. Over the years I tried hundred of "Diets", but always slide back into old, familiar, bad eating habits! So I decided to just eat the way I want, just be judicious about moderation. And it has been working. I found I need body/brain was failing me after following a strict low carb diet for a year. I just need a balanced diet.
    But I am curious about how you'll feel following this very strict, exclusive diet plan. Good Luck!
    1504 days ago
    I said I was going to report back in 2 weeks. However, I have planned my meals for the next week and think I am going to need all the support I can get, even if it is just me talking to myself.

    I have neatly typed my menu planner with calories and recipe page and I know I am going to be hungry but this is for a good cause, to get my blood glucose down to the more normal level. Before I went to see the beep beep nutritionist (she makes me so cross) I had readings for between 85 and 125 but occasionally I would drop to around 60 or 65 and on one occasion had a black out which frightened me. She put me on a low protein / high carb diet. Told me I had to have carbs with every meal i.e. toast or cereal for breakfast, bread with my lunch and pasta or rice with my evening meal. This was way too much for me but I had to trust her - sorry I ever did. She even told me to eat 2oz of cheese at the end of my lunch and dinner. Don't forget I live in France and they live on baguettes and love their cheese. For me cheese is a big no no but she said I was wrong and cheese did nothing to increase my blood glucose.

    Anyway, before I go on anymore about what has happened I now need to look forward and heal myself.

    Today I have stocked up on every veg known to man or woman and I am ready to start tomorrow morning. In the meantime I am going to allow myself a couple of glasses of wine tonight and I have just eaten a mini pack of malteers (do you get those in America??) but I am normally so good they had a use by date of March 2015 so were a bit soggy.

    Will check in again tomorrow with my b/g and weight and let you know how I am getting on.
    1505 days ago
    good luck
    1506 days ago
    Thanks, I will do an update after 2 weeks - give it a chance to work (or not)
    1506 days ago
    Would live to hear results.... good luck to you... have a wonderful Sunday. .
    1506 days ago
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