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The Next Time You Have a Late Night CRAVING

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Try this:

The next time you have the urge to eat when you don't think you should be eating, or feel like you are not in control....go to your kitchen or favorite hiding place....turn on all the the desired food items onto a plate, into a bowl, or whatever....put it on your table or counter where you like to eat....then go get a mirror and place it in front of you...

Then get a trash can and place it next to your chair (it helps if it contains some really nasty trash)...make sure there is nothing distracting (no tv, radio, or other distractions)...sit down...close your eyes...count backwards from 30 to 0....think about how you feel....ask yourself if you still want that snack...then...whatever the your eyes...

Now look in the mirror at yourself...and ask yourself out loud

"Am I hungry right now?" - OR -

"Do I REALLY want to snack right now?"

If the answer is no, put the snack stuff away and go find something productive to do (reading or getting ready for bed)...

Take the mirror with you...and when you are sure that you truly managed the craving, look into the mirror and tell yourself "good made the right decision...and all you needed was some time alone WITH yourself to think BY yourself, with no distractions, and an opportunity to FACE yourself and ASK yourself "Is this what I really want?"

If the answer was "yes" (yes - you want to eat the snack or food items)...then quickly take the items and immediately throw them into the nearby trashcan...

Because if you went through all that trouble and you still could not make the right decision...then your only hope is that in that fleeting moment between saying "yes - I want eat this junk" and actually placing it in your mouth, you have enough willpower to scoop it up and throw it in with the nasty trash, wrap it up, place it into your garbage can IN THE GARAGE... the garage door, place your trashcan out on the curb, and then RUN back into your garage and SLAM the door closed.

(The neighbors already think you're weird you putting the trashcan on the curb three days ahead of time will give them one more thing to talk about).

After all...this scenario does not describe you waking up and having a normal breakfast, or a normal lunch, or a normal dinner, or even a normal snack that you know you are allowed to have.

This scenario...the Late Night CRAVING and about to overeat scenario...only has ONE happy ending.

That is the answer "NO!" (you controlled your behavior).

The next best ending is "into the trash and out to the curb with you!"...

...Because if you answered yes, there's no hope for you if you leave that stuff in that nasty trash can...

...(people reading this are shaking their heads up and down and saying "word" - "that's right")...

...or even if you leave it IN your garage ("so true")...

...Because you will dig it out, wash it off if you can, and then you will eat know you will.

People reading this have done it...people writing this have also done...wait...too personal...

...the point is...get it the heck out of your house and your reach - Kick It To The Curb!


...just say "NO"

I am right there with you Brothers and Sisters!


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks, enjoyed the read.

    OR you learn to use discipline and CBT techniques and train yourself to have a treat twice a week, and no more.
    It can be done, if I could learn to just have the foods I crave in the house, so can others.

    OR you could get a Kitchen Safe - a cookie jar with a time lock. Allows you to lock stuff away (also if it does not fit in the jar, as long as you have a cupboard or closet or room you can lock) for a certain amount of time until the craving has passed.

    I also think that ummm no not everyone eats food out of a trash can. If you do that it probably means you are a binge eater (like me) or a food addict. But not everyone who is overweight or trying to lose weight shows that type of behavior.

    1549 days ago
    Definitely not a bad way to look at it, because a late night craving is hard to control, but it is exactly what you said, a craving. If you were hungry, different. I'd been struggling this week with a chocolate craving... Last night I finally realized why. So it made it a little easier to stay away.
    1549 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I also email my spark buddy and during that time, I do not eat. Your way is a great deterrent though.
    1549 days ago
    Considering it is an automatic code enforcement fine from the city of $250 plus home owners Assoc fine of $250 -$500 I am not putting my trash can outside my garage!!
    1549 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2244567
    emoticon emoticon
    1549 days ago
    1549 days ago

    I just say is it worth having to brush my teeth again drink a glass of water and then go back to bed
    1549 days ago
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