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Vision Statement

Monday, June 20, 2016

I was recommended today on a challenge to create a vision statement. Spark People recommended the following:

What do I want my life to look like in (1, 5 or 10) years? Explain what you want to be doing, the roles you want to take on, how you want to see yourself, etc.

This year I plan on reestablishing my law practice at least part time. Working out weekly five days a week. Getting all the kids, including my special needs son in school. Saving for a down payment on a house and to pay off a car. Paying off all debt except student loans. Of course the most important, getting healthy.

In five years I would like to see my health improved and feeling energetic. Developing long lasting habits, that support my health journey. I want to create a life that is less hectic, stressful and includes time to support myself and my family. I would like to have enough money to go on a family vacation each year and a private vacation with my husband. I would also like a date night once a month with my husband.

What would my ideal days look like? Explain why you'd look forward to getting up in the morning, the first thing you'd do every day, who you'd spend time with, the good experiences you want to have each day, how you'd face challenges in your daily life, etc.

Weekends would be devoted to family and spirit. Weekdays would be work, school and extracurriculars. Also maintaining the home.

Every day I would look forward to spending time with my kids, exercising, planning activities. Daily challenges are always going to be there. I just want to have time and energy to be able to deal with them. Financial stability and organization are two things I find very important. I would like to eat well, have time, to enjoy my food, money to shop for good food and emotional outlets for when things are difficult or stressful.

What personal values (love, human connection, security, independence, comfort, variety, interest, excitement, contribution to society, family, career success, etc.) do I want my daily life to express and reflect? Include how you'd rank these values if you had to choose between them at any given moment.

At the end of the day all roads end. What I want to leave behind is happy healthy children and grandchildren. Financial security is important to me, but things have been very difficult. Family is everything, career is important if I am making a difference.


Doctors appointments this summer. Reexamine blood panels and see stomach specialist. Chiropractor when financial more stable.
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