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PCOS and Whitney

Saturday, June 18, 2016

I have PCOS and it is one of the most misunderstood conditions.

What is it?
First of all, if you don't know, you are lucky and I envy you! :) It's a condition that causes hormonal imbalances and many unfortunate and serious consequences. :(

Is it rare?
10% of women suffer from it so it's not as rare as you might think.

Does weight gain cause it or does PCOS cause weight gain?
Untreated PCOS can cause weight gain. Gaining weight can exacerbate symptoms of PCOS. Being treated helps prevent weight gain but weight gain can still occur.

Why are some women with PCOS skinny?
Just like any condition, it is going to have a different impact for everyone.

Why don't some women have this condition until they get fat?
They probably do have the condition and gaining weight exacerbated the symptoms. People don't look for something unless something goes wrong.

Is there s treatment?
The treatment is birth control pills to regulate the hormones and losing weight.
Birth control can cause some weight gain. Losing weight with PCOS is even harder
than losing weight without it and that's pretty hard on it's own. Birth control has side effects so finding the right one poses challenges.

If hormones can be regulated, why doesn't the weight fall off?
Treatments are not cures. :/

Is it possible to lose weight with PCOS?
Yes, but it is painstakingly slow. A lot slower than without the condition. it also requires strict discipline and even with strict dieting, there are still some issues. Sometimes, the scale might not budge for a few months and people think their efforts are wasted. It's hard to see other people lose 20 lbs and only lose 3 despite doing the SAME things in the same amount of time. Still, no effort to improve health is wasted.

"It's just an excuse to be fat."
No. It's something that contributes to a weight struggle (usually) and no matter why someone is fat, it is not anybody's business even though many people believe otherwise.

PCOS is much more than a weight issue.
Many women (thin or not) struggle with infertility.
Some women struggle with Endometriosis and related cancers.
The list goes on.

Personally, I had symptoms since I was 10 but didn't get diagnosed until I was 22. I have lost some weight with it before and I am lucky for not having to deal with hair loss but that's just my experience. Everyone is different and people fail to remember that. They will say their sister has it and lost 60 lbs and that's great but your sister or your wife or your daughter is not everyone else so you can't use them as the standard to compare everyone to.

As for Whitney (The reality personality) I don't know every symptom she has but I can see why she is fiercely struggling.

Women with conditions that contribute to weight gain don't automatically have this magical thinking to where every meal is perfectly healthy and sometimes, people fall off of the wagon and roll down a hill into the mud and get stuck and getting out of the mud is messy and at times, disastrous but it is possible. Everyone gets stuck in the mud sometimes.

I think Whitney is afraid of losing weight in unhealthy ways because thst is how she has done it before and she has to learn how to get out of the mud without falling into a deeper hole.

We're all learning.

Stay healthy! :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for sharing all this information- it is helpful.
    One of my good friends has PCOS and I went to her wedding 2 years ago. She was afraid she might not be able to have children. She is now a few weeks away from delivering her first child. I am so happy for her!
    You are right, it is different for everyone, and there is no point in comparing people, just in encouraging them.
    As you said "no effort to improve health is wasted". That is true!!
    (Any news on your sister- a surgery date set yet?)
    1065 days ago
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