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My birthday didn't work out as planned

Friday, June 17, 2016

I had scheduled a massage for my birthday. I wanted a facial and a massage, but they were booked for facials, so I thought a massage would suffice. It was the only special thing for the day. I told them I'd had neck surgery in January so didn't want anyone messing with my neck, not because it would be dangerous but because it would be uncomfortable.

I got to the spa, filled out the form, got undressed and was lying on the table when the masseuse came in and said that anyone who has had any surgery within the last year needed a doctor's approval to get a massage. Huh?

She was astonished that I hadn't asked the surgeon about massages. Why would I? I get a massage maybe once in 5 years. I was more interested in when I could ride my motorcycle again, and I was good to go for that. Evidently I can put on a helmet and hit the twisties, but can't safely have a massage.

So I got dressed and came home. Happy Birthday to me, indeed.

What I didn't do was eat to compensate. I had a cup of coffee (my go-to comfort), then I made my planned dinner. No restaurant so I didn't have to wake up with the standard restaurant water retention.

I woke up at my usual weight, no guilt, and with the extra $100 I would have spent on a massage. Not the day I'd envisioned, but all in all a fine day.

My birthday could have been a lot better if Spark had given me better spins. You'd think they'd give you lots of good spins on your birthday, but all I got was a Happy Birthday email.
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