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Give Me the Wisdom to Know what Must Be Done - and The Courage To Do It

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Can you feel that...It is the Pressing of our Beliefs that is going on...Oh so much Conflict and Turmoil...Your head is undoubtedly in a tizzy as mine is...If you know me by now...Surely you know that I am soaking in information and misinformation...Sorting through details and Things just Don't Make Much Sense to me....Other than one thing...Confusion and Discord from being knocked out of your equilibrium...We are Learning above all things that What we Think we Know is often NOT the case at all...We have to go beyond the surface...and Dig really-really-really deep to be able to develop enough layers to make an Educated Decision.

Do we have to sit here and talk about Everything that has been going on lately...Total upheaval in our Rights and Our Beliefs...Do you know that some folks never received their food stamps money until perhaps 10 days into June (If they have even gotten them yet, I am not sure.)...Do you know what happens when folks feel deprived and hungry? When it starts to get Hot out...I think that as the Temperature Rises the IQ's drop for many...

Now throw in all of this Transgender bathroom business...and Hillary v. Trump...Then this shooting and that shooting...According to Obama It was Guns and Freedom Of Speech that Did it...It was this it was that...There were 20...No wait really 50...Is it Terrorism? Were there more? Are they coming to my town?

I mean my head is spinning...reeling...This information just Keeps Changing...I have question after question after question...I feel so Much Unbalance...But then I remember...But then I remember...Calm Down...Breath...

I don't have to be a Participant in all of it...I am in Control of Me...I have Learned on my Journey that It is about Listening to my Intuition and NOT Popular Public Opinion...Often times Popular Public Opinion is so far off from Topic anyway...It is usually Just a part of the plan...and Just a Distraction for Something Bigger...But what could be Bigger than all of this Chaos in our World Right Now and Yet so small it is completely attainable?

Be Responsible For Yourself. There you go...That is the Answer.

I don't know about you...But I was brought up with No Excuses...Blaming? Really? C'mon we already Know about this...Surely it is Not the Answer...So Let's not buy into it...think further and use a little more Logic...What is the Reasoning???

Unrest my Friends...Unrest. They are of the thinking...Create the Problem - Create The Solution. Why? What is More Valuable than $$$...Power of course. Are you understanding this Point of View?

If you have been following my Blogs you know that for the last year I have been doing an Incredible amount of Research...Learning on my own and Knowing for Myself...I am Proud to say I have a Home-made Degree...and You can too. Everyone Already has what they already need...So that is not an excuse. You are Biologists and Psychologists Naturally. We have Full Control over our Selves and What We Think...IF We Choose to Think for Ourselves again.

What We have been Learning and Discovering over the last year is that Emotions are Tied to Absolutely Everything! I will give you our List of Discovery to Impress the Facts Even Further...

(Remember Each Topic has it's own Blog for Expanded Knowledge and Understanding. I would recommend you go back and read about Each Topic on this List to Learn How or Remind Yourself How Everything is Controlled by your Emotions. You Control 100% Absolutely Everything. We've had a Great Path To Discovery Together...But Don't Take My Word For it...Go Find out for Yourself.)

Our List of Discovery -

We are ALL Biologists and Psychologists by Default...and We can Control Every aspect of our internal workings...Depending on our EMOTIONS. We've Learned Emotions are Tied to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING...

To give it a List...


And this List Just Keep Growing as I Do...as WE Do!

What is important to take away from this is that HOW YOU CHOOSE TO FEEL DICTATES YOUR REALITY.

Realize...We are In Charge of Our Own Selves...What We Think and Believe Matters...It effects the Whole World...and We have Got To Be Brave Enough to Go Against Popular Public Opinion to Find out what is Really going on. Do Not be Distracted...Do Not be Drawn into the Chaos...You have a Choice...and You are in control of You! Be Wise enough to Know that there is Much more to this...Remember how much we have Learned Already that is Utterly and Completely NOT in Your Best Interest...Yet Popular Public Opinion would Express otherwise...Continue to be Vigilant and Wiser than that. You have to be able to Rise Above it and Distinguish what is really happening here. You are receiving this message for a reason...Listen to your own Heart...Listen to your own Intuition...What is it saying to you?

My Spidey-Sense are off the Charts! Let me share with you what I feel is Transpiring in these Recent Past Tumultuous Weeks and Months...

The way I see it...This is to cause us all to have a Lower Energy Vibration...and To understand what I am referring to...You have to realize How Energy Works...I have Several Great Blogs...All are Lengthy and Informative...Please go back for the breadcrumb trail to see how we Got to where we are Today in our Thinking...

Read Previous Blogs to Understand the ENERGY - VIBRATION - FREQUENCY Explanation...

To the Breadcrumb Trail Robin!

Picture with me if you will...That we are all Tuning Forks... If you can imagine how they Vibrate out Energy and you can see how the waves of Energy Act and React when you are at a Higher Frequency (Which by the way...with regard to Emotions Love and Joy are the Highest Frequency to be in.) v Lower Frequency.

We get Different Effects at Different Frequencies...The Higher the Vibration...The more Complex Intricate and Beautiful the Pattern. While Lower Vibrations bring about more Simple and Less Impressive Patterns...If any change in patterns at all...Resonating at such a Low Frequency is Draining and Heavy...Just like the emotions tied to Lower Frequency such as Fear Anger Mistrust and Hate...

Vibration is Creation.

RAISING EVERYONE's Moods/ENERGY/VIBRATION will have a Domino Effect...and Once we can Purposefully Pick our Emotions out of Purpose and NOT Side-Effects...It will Make ALL The Difference in the World...

It's Gonna take a Real SHIFT in BELIEFS to make this Work...But If enough of us are Trying to Live in JOY and Raising our Vibration...It can not help but to Spill over and Raise the Nation's Vibration too...Even the World...It all starts from WITHIN though...That Absolutely IS the Key!!! We-You-You-You-You and Me...We All have the Power...We must Realize this.

I'll just make this as an example for UNDERSTANDING...

Back to our Tuning Fork Family...

Now Tuning Forks can show you VIBRATION...and that is all that ENERGY is...VIBRATION...We all have a Frequency that we hang out at...I am sure you can relate...When we are Feeling HAPPY and VIBRANT...We feel Light on our Feet...HAPPY...and we are Resonating at a HIGHER (The HIGHEST) Frequency...JOY.

HOWEVER...We Live in a World where our Frequency has DROPPED...and This is Evidenced by all of the Stress...and The Burdens of our Day...Folks are short-tempered, and blah, blah, blah...You know what Negative emotions feel like...They are HEAVY...We feel NO/LOW/SLOW/ENERGY...Everythin
g slows down...and feels Heavy...Right? Feelings Like Sorrow/Grief/Despair/Pain/Frus
tration...Blah, blah. blah....The Harsher the Emotion the Heavier and Slower you Feel. The Lower the Vibration.

If we are not careful...We can use all of our ENERGY Up and our Physical Life Expires.

...A Low Vibration (Someone who is in the negative emotions) can Actually SUCK the Good Mood (Vibration) right out of you sometimes if they are LOWER in Vibration than you are Higher...and they can Start Sucking your Energy so you start to feel a little Lower too...

Eventually The High Vibration People are getting sucked Lower into a Lower Vibration...Maybe not the Lowest...But LOWER...

So Now our Universal Energy is being Affected...and In General Our Entire World has come to be in a Lower Vibration...(It does not matter if you BELIEVE this or not, at this point...It is TRUE...It is the LAW OF VIBRATION and THE LAW OF VIBRATION AND ATTRACTION...You just may not have Discovered it yet...But Do not Let Beliefs Stop you from considering other Possibilities EXIST though they may not have been Realized by you Yet...



We've managed to LOWER the ENTIRE VIBRATION of our WORLD through Negative Emotions and Negative Words that get thrown around carelessly...

When we Discover our YO-TIVATION...We begin to Work from the INSIDE -- OUT...We Raise Our Own Vibration with a Conscious PURPOSEFUL Decision...and We CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!

If we Can Heal the World by Getting Off the Processed Foods (I call them DEAD FOODS because they have NO Energy and the WILL get you DEAD.) Then we can STOP TREATING ALL of the SIDE-EFFECTS and SYMPTOMS of Putting the Gunk In...and We can begin to HEAL and RECOVER and THRIVE...It's a WHOLE NEW WORLD after you get the Toxins out of your system...You WILL see the SHIFT in your THINKING and in your MOOD...Automatically. It's MIND-BLOWING going through your Day Feeling GOOD because you have been Focusing on Making Better Choices...and NOT Taking in Processed Toxins...So there is NO GUILT-NO SHAME-NO CONCERN and you can spend your time finding MORE JOY in a HIGHER Frequency/Vibration/Mood...Rat
her than Sulking in the Low Vibration Energy......And By Doing this...You are Actually Taking Back The Power to Think for Yourselves...

Then if we can Achieve that...we will have Raised Our own Vibration and that of those around us...So our TUNING FORKS can All get back together on a HIGHER FREQUENCY and we can Vibrate out more LOVE and UNDERSTANDING in our Whole World.

Eventually our Vibrations will Raise and We Will be able to See as a Nation all of the things we were Blind to...Only because our Frequency was so low...and has been for so long...It's Time To EVOLVE.

I would Just LOVE to Make it a Yo-Tivation Nation!!! No more Relying on Outward Stuff to MOTIVATE us...We are Going to go RIGHT TO THE SOURCE...We will tend to those things That we CAN CONTROL...We CAN do this TOGETHER...

This makes Logical Sense Right?

All we have to do is Take Back Control of our Own selves and decide to Radiate out Love Peace and Joy...(These are Not just Words...But the Actual Answer.)

When there is More Praying and Meditating...There is More Peace...Where there is Less Meditating and Praying...There is Less Peace...

You get what you Focus your Attention on... Stress releases our Fat Storage and Disease Promoting...While Love and Joy Release Happy Hormones and you THRIVE in even More Love and Joy...Health and Abundance. Everyone Already Knows this...Right? If you don't yet...You probably have an Instinct inside that is directing you to this as True.

Once again as a Reminder...We are In Control of Every aspect of our Being through our Emotions and What We Think and Believe to be True...

So Let Us All stay Calm...Breathe...Relax...and Just Let it all Gooooooo....Whooooooooooo....P
ush out that Stress...Just Let it Leave Your Body - Your Mind - Your Thoughts...and Lets hit the Reset Button. Turn off the Sirens and The Red Alert Light...We are going to sort all of this out together...I'm right here to help you regain your balance...and we are going to...We have to...Or the alternative may come to pass...I want us all to Get through this without much pain...So If you are still with me...Let's Keep going. Be Strong - Be Wise - and Be Discerning. Think for Yourself...Know For Yourself.

Alright...Ready...Let's Go Deeper and see what is hiding in plain site here...

Democrats v Republicans
Gun Rights v Gun Bans (2nd Amendment Rights)
Gay v Not
Transgender Bathrooms
Freedom of Speech v Censorship (1st Amendment Rights)
War v Ignore
Trump v Hillary
Isis v Christianity and Patriotism
Government Dependency v Independent Thinking and Doing
Consumerism v Self Sufficient
Healthy and Whole v Sick and Oppressed
Weak v Strong
Nationalism v Globalism

The list just goes on and on and on and on and on and on...It's a barrage of Turmoil and Confusion to Help Break Us Down...But we Will Not Succumb! Remember...The Government Does Not Control Us...Not our Thoughts...(and if they Do control our minds...Let us Be Strong enough to Realize our Own Free Will!)

I lived back in the 1900's Before the Internet (Gasp!) and We were Just Fine without all of the hypnotic electronic devices that serve to Distract us and Dumb us Down by not having to use our Thought and Creativity since electronics do all that work for us. If you Don't use it...You Lose it Folks...It is how we Evolve...Good or Bad...We adapt to our Situation accordingly.

Realize that if the Internet Goes Down...and we Lose Electricity...We are going to be okay If we Don't Panic...If you are Prepared and Independently Taking care of your own needs (rather than relying upon the Government) then they Have No Power over you...You have no Debt to them...and they Do not have anything that you cannot Provide already for your own self. YOU are in the Power when you are not Dependent upon others...You Understand? This makes sense to you...Right? We are just thinking Logically so we can wrap our head around all of this...We have to set Emotion aside for a minute until we can see through the Cloud of Confusion with the Eyes of Logic Clarity and Understanding.

Have a Food Source - a Water Source - Energy Source - Make a Plan...Think What Would You Do If...Think about it Before anything happens...Google it...Be Proactive...Not Reactive...Be Prepared so that you and Your family will be safe and taken care of...By You...Should anything disrupt our Typical Life...What will you do if there is a Natural Disaster - What if...What if...What If...Ask yourself all kinds of Questions about How you can Survive...So you Know and you Do not have to Depend on someone else to Rescue you...We are in uncertain times...Even if Nothing happens...Wouldn't you want to be Ahead of the Problem Making Adjustments Before it becomes and Issue...Or would you rather Pick up the Pieces and try to put them back together again? As with Everything...It is Our Choice to Make. As for Me and My Family...I am Preparing for Anything and Everything...I want to be Expecting Whatever May come...Rather than Caught off guard.

We don't have to Conform to what we THINK we KNOW...Be BRAVE Enough to Venture out and BELIEVE that there is MORE than you are AWARE of....Then go find out what it is...

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