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Too Much Stress Makes Sandy Have heartburn and deep chest pains

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hi Sparkies,

This is the easier way I can find to let you all know at one time what has been happening to me all day.

I have been having deep chest pains and heartburn all afternoon. Not a good sign for women.

I am under a lot of stress, as some of you know.

My only living child, my daughter (lives in Massachusetts) has incurable brain cancer.

My hubby has Alzheimer's. We live in Washington State.

I must choose where I am all the time, and I so wish I could be with both of them, but that is not possible.

I went to my Doctor today to learn my lab results were very good. I talked to him about filling out the form for my insurance so I can get some home health care workers in here.

Came home, made lunch for DH and me, then did some quilting stuff.

About 1 P.M. I began to have pretty severe chest pains, and pronounced heart burn.

I know these are dangerous signs for women.

I should probably get my butt to the emergency room, but don't feel I can leave DH alone, and to take him would only add to the dysfunction.

So I am getting off my feet and going to take it a little easy. Or as easy as I can, under the circumstances.

I know I have you all "on my side", and that gives me comfort.

Hope I wake up tomorrow!!!

We all know stress is a killer, and my stress level is off the charts. I am open to any and all suggestions as to what I can do to change things in my life.

Love to you all,

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    I must take Zantac (really the generic Ranitidine) morning and night so I understand heartburn.

    Try them - if no relief, then you really need to speak with your physician about an EKG or something.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1029 days ago
    I have been where you are with an ill child and an MIL in my case, but not both at the same time. The hardest thing was admitting that I could no longer take care of my MIL. She no longer recognized my husband and I which was so difficult for him. My son was the only person she recognized and she no longer knows him. We made the hardest decision there is and she is a resident in a wonderful local nursing hospital.

    Is there any type of Home Health Care or family members that could come in for a few hours once in awhile to give you a much needed break? I know that when my next door neighbor would come over for even an hour so we could out to dinner or my SIL would come over for a few hours, it was a huge load off our shoulders.

    If you ever need anyone to talk to, please send me a SM emoticon emoticon
    1031 days ago
    Sandy hon,,, we both know life is NOT fair, and as we've agreed,,, we have NO choice, but to make what we can of the positions we are in. If we had our choices,,, of course we'd only face GOOD things, unfortunately that's not how things work now a days. I hope the below are helpful. In my area there are a TON of support options for one who has a mate /family member etc with alzheimer's for care. Often coming into the home so the caretaker can do as they wish (some go out, some sleep,, for as we know that's NOT always possible ! and some do things for pleasure or necessary around the home.).

    Please seek medical hon if your not doing well now. You absolutely need to be the best shape you can be,,,,what you are going thru is extreme stress and that can play HAVOC on your body,, to say the LEAST !! Please take NO chances hon. That's why I went to the ER on Mon last week,,, I KNEW It was needed though I HATE with ALL I HAVE going.
    1038 days ago
  • LSIG14
    I am praying for you and for your family! I sure understand about the stress involved when your own health is in conflict with your caregiving duties! Is there a Department for the Aging there? Often times, they can provide Respite Care which sounds like something you could use. Here in New York, nearly all the Aging Services are on a voluntary donation basis. Believe me when I say you have GOT to get yourself to a doctor! Who will take care of your DH if you have a heart attack? Please don't take chances!

    Having said that, I thank you for the Seedling goodie - and hope the suggestion about storing tomatoes upside down helps. I think I read that on Web MD and they suggested either that or putting masking tape on the stems. I have found that turning them upside down really does work! Good luck with your tomatoes and with your and Hubby's and Daughter's health! I care!
    1039 days ago
    Oh, Sandy, I can't imagine all that you are going through, but I do know what your body is trying to say. I know you know to, but don't have the resources to follow through. Hopefully you will get the paperwork to get some help. In our area there are several adult care facilities that offer "respite care". I think they take the patient into their facility for a day or two so that the caregiver can have some "me" time. I have no idea how much it costs and how you would pay for it, but it is certainly something to investigate. Does your city or county have a senior services department? They may have suggestions or even programs that will work for you and your DH.
    Prayers for you and your family.


    1039 days ago
    Oh Sandy,I am praying for you to get some health care workers in there.I wish I was closer I would come and watch your husband so you could go to hospital I'd play cards with him make him something he'd like to eat anything to amuse him so you could relax.I used to have good luck playing guitar for the veterans with Alzheimers they would choose the songs I would play and be whoever they thought I was if it made them happy!I used to go and read to a German veteran here in the VA hospital the nurses said the only time he was happy and smiling was when I was there.He had been a prisoner of war here and had stayed.Apparently he had been a very successful farmer,he thought I was his sister.I never corrected him just made him German cookies and read to him in German.When He died his son was there clearing out his things when I came with a card and flowers for his funeral,he told me that he had taken over the farm and had not got in as often as he liked but his Dad had told him his sister was coming to visit ,and that I had no idea what that had meant to his father ,his sister had died in the bombing of Dresden in World War 2.You never know someone may click with your husband and you will be free to get some rest.I think that was one of the happiest days I ever had that I had learned German when this farmer who was likely my brother 's age at least 17 years older than me thanked me and said he had felt free to just be there on weekends because his Dad had insisted his sister was there in the week and the nurses told him she's redheaded and tall and speaks German is all I know & from the base.
    1039 days ago
    Hope you can get into the doc, it could be stress but it also can be a warning. Seeing your doc will ease your mind if it is only the stress. Prayers for you and your family!
    1039 days ago
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