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Plateau Challenge Day 9 of 18

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I actually wrote most of this in the morning and am just updating my “I will”s to “I did.” Also, I adjusted the end date to be the day before the Summer Challenge start date. That makes today Day 9 of 18 instead of 9 of 14. Cool, 4 more days are welcome.

This weekend was ok. I was active but not crazy active. I also did not log calories but just tried to be reasonable. I woke up Monday morning a bit over what I weighed in as on Friday. Fri was a few ounces under 183 and Monday I was a few ounces over 184. I expected it and feel fine about it, but it does mean I needed to be more on point this week with my macros. The plan (as always) was to stay on point during the week and stay reasonable on the weekend. Of course, that wasn’t what happened. Two of my little ones fell ill and I spent a lot of time with sleepy ill little ones laying on me. So I read a book, which proved to be a bad idea. I get too into books unless I set very firm limits for myself. I have a hard time stepping away from them once I’m in and normally establish boundaries like “only on the treadmill or once the kids are in bed and I’ve finished all my to-dos for the day.”

I didn’t set a limit because I was basically sitting on the sofa all Monday with the babies. So I didn’t do my chores, which isn’t that big of a deal if it is only every once in a while, and I ordered pizza for dinner and went to bed early on Monday. Tuesday (yesterday) the kiddos were feeling better but I was sluggish from eating junk the day before, yet somehow I woke up lighter than on Monday. I spent the day not doing chores and reading! I did make dinner and I made it to the gym for a shorter work out than usual but my burn was low. I didn’t log on Monday or Tuesday and despite waking up today (wed) lower than yesterday I am not happy about eating what I did the past two days. I could have been at or under my calories but I ate junk. Only junk. I did not give my body anything it could use to heal or nourish. This morning I woke up and finished my book.

It is now 10 am and I have to get back on the wagon. I have backlogged laundry, chores, meal preps, and errands to run. I have a work out to fit in and the older kids get out of school at 1245 on Wednesdays. I need to drink a ton of water to flush out the Fritos, Pizza, and Guacomole I shoved in the past two days and I need to get in a few green smoothies to give my body what it really needs.

I need to do my preps so I have everything ready to go for myself and my husband. He’s on the lower carb bandwagon this week after getting fitted for a new suit yesterday (he works from home most Tuesdays) and measured as a 54XL suit and 46/32 pants.

Today I need to:
Make sausage, green apple and turkey/pork blend…unsure of the exact spice yet
Boil another 18 eggs
Mix a batch of salad dressing for the week, Thai Peanut this week
Put together the lunch salads in containers for John and I with the chicken I made yesterday
Blend my yogurt (half plain greek, half vanilla)
Register the kid’s for all of their summer activies
Do at least half of Mount Washmore (the pile of dirty laundry) and put away Mount Foldmore (the pile of clean laundry).
Drink and log water…lots of water…
Make and drink at least 1 green smoothie
Pick Up/Drop off Dry Cleaning
Pick Up John’s new suit from the tailor.
Get my workout in at the Y
Do my strength training at home
Make a meal plan and grocery list (I shop twice a week, usually Fri and Wed since I go to 2 different places, but I know I am not going to make it today).

As far as workouts are concerned, I need to change the time we go to the y to coincide with the summer hours (go at 1045 instead of 1145) and I am now 3 weeks out from the 10k so I need to do a little running on the road so knees can adjust before the road race. I’m not sure when that can happen, but if push comes to shove I can fit in a Sat morning mile on the road before everyone wakes. I also need to push harder on my pushups if I plan on making my 100 goal before the end of the Summer Challenge.

I adjusted my personal goal chart to reflect a Friday morning weigh in in addition to my usual Monday weigh in so I can update my stuff for the Challenge.
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