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Monday, June 13, 2016

I've been hit or miss at best on my eating the past couple of weeks. I haven't shown any increase in weight, but also haven't lost any either. I am down to about 5 weeks away from what I would consider the event of the summer for me... I will be attending an awards banquet at the division I worked at for the past 10+ years (I just transferred to a division in another city last fall). I want to arrive looking great, which has been my plan since the beginning of the year, but I haven't made nearly the progress that I wanted / hoped. And I know it's because I haven't put in the effort that I could.

So I made a plan to get my eating back on track (again), and this morning I actually got out of bed early with the intention of doing a yoga video. While I didn't do the video I had intended (I didn't get out of bed quite as early as I meant to), I did a couple of mini sessions that focused on shoulder mobility and posture, which I definitely need with this desk job. My plan for this evening is to have a balanced dinner, and stay busy with a body weight workout and continuing to clean/organize/dejunk the house. It's taken me a while but I'm slowly starting to see this new place as my house, and I'm getting the redecorating bug, but first, I need to get rid of some stuff!

I'm also excited because I found out my mother-in-law who stayed with us this past school year (she's a teacher who had a job in the city we moved to) is moving out for good on Thursday and will be moving back home. This is good for me for selfish reasons... although we have a good relationship (I think), I always felt like I was never really comfortable in my own home. And even though I tried to make her feel at home, she had it stuck in her head that she didn't want to "bother us" and would hide in her bedroom most of the time. Not good. But I really think this is better for her and her family too... I know she was miserable in that job, especially this past year (her 2nd year at that school). She would often come home crying because of what another teacher or the principle had done or said. And she refused to talk about it. Not only that, but her husband was back at home with their teenage daughter, and I just couldn't understand how you could take a job in another city and miss out on your child's junior and senior year of high school. Sure, they talked on the phone all the time, but it's not the same as being there. And her husband is a little older (early 60's) and struggles with his own health issues... and her own mother is in her 80's and in an assisted living home and she is her advocate.... I don't know how on earth she was managing to juggle all that! Part of me thought perhaps that was her way of removing herself from what really was a lot on her plate, but I think that only made it harder on her in the end.

Phew! So anyway, that is a weight off my shoulders, and I can't wait to paint that bedroom and have a true guest room again! Our 3rd and smallest bedroom I made my walk-in closet, which was doubling as a guest room and it was a bit crowded. But I got creative and discovered that the closet... in my... closet... perfectly fit the mattress and box spring and metal bed frame, with room to store the boxed up bedding on a shelf above it. So the bed can be completely stored away when we don't have guests (my parents only visit a few times a year). Now that I'll have this extra room, I really think I'll keep stashing the bed away and make that guest room my "yoga studio" and craft room (which I haven't touched my crafts in so long!!).

Well, it seems I'm rambling again, but in summary I'm getting back on track and stepping up a gear to prepare for the banquet in July! Here I go!
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