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To Vote or Not To Vote - That is the Question

Thursday, June 09, 2016

I've been waiting to be inspired to write something...Well this morning...I just watched a video that makes me cringe....I'm shaking right now...(Actually...Literally) It was a long video of several several several assaults on Donald Trump Supporters (By Anti-Trump Protesters)...It made my heart hurt to see so much Active Violence and Hate. I'm not going to share the video because I do not wish to Propagate the Hate...but it Did give me a Glimpse into what I believe I must do.

I confess...I have been caught up in Political News like a mad woman. I'm doing Investigating and Research (I would implore you to do the same. KNOW for Yourself.) so I can make a sound and educated decision based on Actual Facts and Not propaganda or opinion. (Believe me...I try to avoid talking about Politics...However this morning...The message to me is clear.)

I was not even sure up until Now if I was going to Vote at all...(And that would be a First for me.) My heart has spoken to me and Now I know which way I must go...and I will vote. I don't know if it will actually matter or not...(as electronic voting is questionable at best.) However...I cannot even Make a Difference if I don't show up to Support my own Beliefs...Of course not any candidate is going to have all of my requirements...but If I take that chance and decide for myself that my Vote is not of value...Then it will not be.

However...I still have a Voice in This Moment...and I am Still Able to Speak up with Freedom of Choice and I still have American Constitutional Rights that I shall Exercise... if I show Up and Cast for the one who is most likely to Move Forward closest to my own Beliefs...Then I Let my Voice be heard...and Time will tell if it is actually going to matter or not. I appreciate my Rights and I do not want to watch them slowly and quietly being taken away one at a time...Little by Little...So Undetectable...Until it Isn't. (This is the Reality we are in Folks...Take some time to Find out for yourself.)

If you are so fed-up and Not sure if you are going to vote in this Presidential Election Fellow-Americans...Then realize that you are handing over your Power of Choice and Your Right to Choose. Remember...You get what you Deserve...and if you Don't show up to Vote...You give your Right to Choice over to Persecution and Revocation because you Did not Exercise your Right when you had it...Nothing is Promised and In Life we already Know that We have to Earn our Reality....How many times have you Heard an Elder say "You have to Use it - If you Don't want to Lose it." Don't you think your American Rights are Worth Showing Up for?

These are your Choices...Get Over It...Decide. But Not Deciding and Not Showing Up...Not Voting is a Grave Error (I almost made.) that will Lead to More of the same...Somebody Else deciding FOR You. Use Your American Rights while we still Can...We have got to Be Active and Aware and Exercising our Constitutional Rights if we want to KEEP a United States of America...If you Don't show up and Vote for your Beliefs...and represent your Reality...Then you are blindly going to fall over the cliff with the rest of them who have no idea why...

Wake-Up - Figure it Out...and Use Your Rights before They are Gone and you Don't even realize it...Until ya do. Don't Let Not Voting be an Option...Unless that is the Reality You want to create...Where you will not have a choice - or a voice - and no opinion either...That Decision...as with Everything Else in Life...Is Yours to Make.

Remember as our Wise Elders have Warned...You have to Use it - If you Don't want to Lose it. Exercise Your Power...Don't Give it Away. Vote Anyway.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am voting...mainly because I fear one candidate more than the other. How sad is that?
    1012 days ago
  • 1MNEME
    I'll be casting my vote! emoticon
    1012 days ago
    Soooo many have given so much of themselves to ensure we have the right to vote. Pretty sure our founding fathers and mothers could not even conceive that we would choose to not exercise this right. Careful consideration and research...a must. Finding the candidate that most closely shares a smattering of our beliefs...wise counsel! I really appreciate your thoughts on this, thank you!
    1012 days ago
    I'm VOTING
    1012 days ago
    Thank you for sharing that. I will be voting but probably writing in my choice.
    1012 days ago
    emoticon Let's do our part and vote!
    1012 days ago
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