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Saturday, June 04, 2016

I weighed myself today, which I try to do every couple of weeks, and I'm down a total of 82 pounds! My goal was 75, which I hit in March, but I still continue to walk on treadmill and my eating habits haven't gone back to my "old habits". I'm waiting to see if my body will level off or if I'm going to continue to lose. So far, I continue to be on the downward trend. I think back to when I weighed 247.8 pounds and I can't even imagine that I was that heavy! I don't intend on EVER going back to my old habits, and I will continue to walk. There are days when I don't get on my treadmill, and on those days I just don't feel complete. I still continue to have issues with my ankle, which I found that I will always have issues, but I have to walk on that treadmill!

It's weird that I can't remember being 247.8 pounds! I look back at some pictures and yup, that's me! Then I look at recent pictures and you, that's the REAL me! I'm still not comfortable wearing shorts, but I have worn cropped pants, so that's a start. I have the 'flabbies' on my legs, belly and arms, which I'm working on, but I'm too self conscious to bear them yet. I started out being a size 20-22 (2x-3x) and I'm currently a size 12, and can fit into a size 10 jean (they're tight, but wearable). I can't remember when I was able to wear this size!

I'm proud of my accomplishments, and I also proud that I'm still on this journey!!! I have vowed that I will never go back, and I really believe that I won't. I like the new and improved me. I've grown on the inside as a person and I've shrunk on the outside and I will continue to evolve as my journey continues.
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