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Is Jutice really this blind?

Friday, June 03, 2016

Yesterday I was riding a real high with my health goals... then my 10 yr old daughters D and J were playing at a park just up the street from our home. No one else was at the park when they arrived. However, as they played an adult couple entered the park. My daughters state that at first the male played on some of the playground equipment. However, it did not take much time before he and the female began throwing trash around the park. After which this couple settled some space away from my children and my children think they were smoking. My daughters believe that this female felt they were watching her and confronted my children. D told the female that she and her sister would just leave the park. The female followed them. When they attempted to run away from this woman, she gave chase telling them that they could not run away from her. This woman followed my girls to our front door where I confronted her just shortly after she shoved my ten year old daughter D to prevent her from entering the safety of our home.
When I confronted this woman I in no way did not harm to this individual nor did I in anyway physically touch her. However, I did unleash on her all that is the fury of my voice and to my discredit I called her some profane names.
After calming my visibly shaken and weeping children, I got their account of what happened and I then called the Riverside Sheriff to report my children’s assault. Shorty after the Deputy arrived at my home. I was advised at that this woman had actually called law enforcement on me! This individual falsely reported that I struck her, threatened her with a wooden spoon, and then pulled my younger daughter (I can only assume my daughter J because she is shorter) into our home by her hair. This woman also claimed that she followed my daughters to their home because they were "terrorizing" her. She told the Deputy that the "little one" (again I assume J) attempted to bite her. However, J is blind, and would not be able to locate this women to bite in a park.
I was forced to stand in front of my home to be identified by this person. When I ask what charges this women would face, the Deputy essentially said that her boyfriend claimed to be present and was her witness. However, as my children were not adults they could not stand as their own to assault, nor as my witness that I did not assault this woman.
I was given a notice to appear, and issued a court date on a misdemeanor charge. I am grateful that my children are safe. However, it does scare me to think of what would have happened. This women, who the Deputy advised was in her twenties not only harassed my children at our neighborhood park. She chased my children to their home, where she physically assaulted one of them to prevent them from seeking safety. And then based on a false statements was able to bully our family and accuse me of a criminal act. There was no repercussion for this woman because my children were children, therefore not entitled to protection as their own witness.
I want justice for my children. Not only were they harassed, my ten year old daughter D was physically assaulted. I want to press charges against this woman. I was never given the name or information of my accusers; just a misdemeanor citation which I cannot read.
I am very disappointed in the lesson that my daughters & son learned today. I have always taught my children to trust in law enforcement. In the world we live in today, with so much backlash against Law Enforcement. I have tried to instill in them that if they are honest in any dealings with Officers, they will be treated fairly. They witnessed that is a blatant lie. They learned that Officers not only do not protect you when you are traumatized, by the bad guys. That if you reach out to them for help you could be the one punished.
That night after some thought on the matter I reached out to the Riverside Sheriff Departments Caption Ford by email. I promptly received a return email that he would look into the matter. This afternoon when I did not hear back I tried contacting Cpt. Ford at the department by phone. I was told that he was not in and that it could be days before I received a response.
I understand to some extent that the Riverside County Sheriff Department and its Captain are busy. However I find it unacceptable that my children were attacked and nothing will be done. I did not contact Cpt. Ford for my benefit. I was issued a notice to appear on baseless accusations. The individual who attacked my children contacted law enforcement in an effort to mislead, and escape charges. And it worked. If the District Attorney moves forward with the matter it will be a horrible abuse of our justice system.
However, by the actions that were taken it appears that the children of Menifee are not safe. Children can be attacked, and their assailants need only fabricate a story to escape any charges, and their parents can then be persecuted.
At this time, I am not sure how they could help me get justice for my daughters. But, maybe since I have been criminalized, a lawyer could get some justice.
• I was forced to stand in front of my home to be identified by this person who made false claims against me. However, my children where never ask to identify this woman who did harass and assaulted them.
• I believe had I not insisted that the Deputy take my daughters’ statements as to what happened their account would have been totally neglected.
• Because I took the time to comfort my distressed children and get an account of what happened. Their assailant was able to file a false complaint which in some way made the attack of my children obsolete.
• Shouldn’t I have been able to file Harassment, Trespassing, and Assault of a minor charges? At the very least unlawful restraint of a minor charge against this woman?
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    I am a US citizen, born and bred. I contacted an attorney today. They said that I can not do anything, unless the DA takes this to court. If the DS does so, then I can fight it. And if I win... then I can go after the other party. Other then that, nothing can be done about the assault on my children.

    1285 days ago
    I can't believe this. Presumably you are in USA which I dont know about. But you need proper legal advice. Are you able to get legal advice under your house insurance? Do you have a citizens advice service in USA?
    1285 days ago
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