13 hours, dishes, laundry & a 40 minute walk.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Needed to sleep I guess because when the alarm went off I did not wake up until my husband woke me up to help him get ready for work. PSA - I am experiencing emotions of extreme agitation and annoyance. I mean who the hell picks out my clothes, makes my breakfast, packs my lunch and gym bag and makes sure I get off to work on time. I will tell you who, ME! That's who. Any who, I work 12 hour days on Wednesday and Thursday so my husband is in charge of dinner. You would think that my 14 yr old son, my 34 yr old husband or my 53 yr old cousin would make damn sure that I didn't come home to a dirty kitchen, laundry waiting to be folded, put away and or washed. But guess what.....the kitchen was a disaster (it was clean when I left the house this morning ), there was laundry on my bed waiting for me to put away and laundry on the floor in front of the washer waiting for me to start. To push my buttons a little more my cousin says to me while I put laundry in the washer "cousin are ya sure there ain't anything I can do to help?" My immediate response, "nope, all good". All the while on the inside, I am cussing out the kids, the husband & the cousin for letting me come home at 8:50PM knowing I had worked 13 hours today & have to clean up after 4 other people who had been home for at least the last 3 hours of the evening. But I will say this, anger is a great motivation for exercise. I had only gone 5k steps by the time I got home and really needed my 10k. And although I only hit 9200 I walked harder and faster than ever before. Boob sweat is a real thing by the way. Good night ya'll! I still won at life. #cantstop #wontstop
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    Ok, you had me laughing @ boob sweat YUP . . . definitely a real thing.

    As for the DS, DH and the cousin . . . hmmmm . . . time for a family pow-wow. THAT would tick me off too to come home to a dirty kitchen, laundry to do and laundry to fold and put away. HUH! What's that all about. NOPE NOPE NOPE.

    I had the same thing going on here w/a totally able-bodied DH, DS and DD who let me do everything. BUT I soon realized, it was ME who was letting ME do everything. Sat down and had a written list of the chores each one was responsible for. Hung it on the fridge where EVERYONE would see it (after we talked about it).

    I explained that I just didn't have time to do everything myself, and needed their help. . . that I would so appreciate it (yeah, bit my tongue on that one, cuz . . . what the heck! . . . we ALL live in the same house and no one person should be responsible for EVERYTHING . . . but I digress).

    Now , let me tell you, things were NOT done the way I would do them, but they were trying so I let it be and "corrected" whatever was glaring. It's 6 yrs. later and pretty much get the help I need . . . sometimes requires reminding, but not tooo often.

    And double ditto on ANESSAVEE's comment . . . guys DO NO GET IT . . . AT ALL!
    1609 days ago
    I'm gonna go ahead and assume your cousin is a guy, because for some reason, guys have no flippin' concept. I feel you, sister. Hang in there. (hugs)
    1609 days ago
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