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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

So---I'm still alive! I've managed to not gain more weight while I was gone from SP. I'm only a couple pounds less than when I stopped tracking and keeping a food diary though...so lots of lost time in trying to keep up on my health and get back to a healthier weight.

I need the journaling to process my thoughts and because it documents when I do find something that works so I don't forget. The biggest thing I was doing before that was working was tracking everything. It made me pay attention to what I was doing on auto pilot and make choices and think about what was the best thing to do in that moment. The other piece of that tracking was making my daily activities transparent to myself...with my point sheet for self care, exercise, goals, etc...it made me see both that bad days don't last forever because I could see visually the patterns of more or less active days and I could finally see what was working and associate it as tasks and actions to take in my mind. I could see that because my daily positive points on good days where I did lots of good things for myself were so much higher. When the days were bad I could ask for support and let my family know so they could try to help.

Dedication to actually solving/fixing long standing problems big and small was a key piece Logging doing 1 nice thing just for me a day was the way that I started a positive spiral into feeling better. Most of those were tiny things (buying tea, taking a salt bath) but it was the being nice to me that started making me feel better and try new things and put some effort into my own happiness again.

So, that's where I'm at....dusting off the daily points sheet...restarting 30 days of 1 nice thing for me a day...ugh tracking some kind of intentional exercise each day...(good thing gardening is almost here on that one!)...I'm not ready to fully track food yet but I've been paying attention again to my sugar and veg/fruit and REAL FOOD intake...hopefully it will set me up for a good summer.
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