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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Surfing the net yesterday, I came upon maybe my favorite story in a LONG time. Zach Anner has Cerebral Palsy. If you don't know about the disease, it decreases your brain's ability to send signals to your muscles to make them move. Some people have it only affecting a few muscles. Zach cannot walk. I have this in my family. MY awesome niece ES who inspires me every single day with her awesomeness and courage has it. It does not affect ANYONE'S brain, just their neural transmitters, and Zach, like my niece, is oh-so-smart.

Zach is hilarious. He has taken a physical disability and turned it to his advantage, using humor to entertain both him and us.

He has something called "Workout Wednesday", where he does a workout that someone sends in. The first one I watched was him getting on a treadmill, with his unusable legs. (I wonder what kind of idiot sent in this recommendation...) Regardless, he made it humorous and fun, and brought attention to the stupidity of people just not thinking. I was laughing out loud.

Do we do this? Do we make excuses for ourselves, with perfectly working legs, or joints that hurt as a reason to NOT use them? I have. For many years. Sometimes, it isn't easy to get going, when I have pain, but I am ALWAYS from now on, going to think of Zach Anner, and how EASY it is for me to get on the treadmill.

Get out there today and do something. Walk for 20 minutes. Run for 20 minutes. Swim. Lift weights. Dance like you don't give a damn whether anyone's watching. Go to the gym with your head held high. NOBODY cares what you are wearing. They are too busy worrying about their workout.

Step it up, if not for Zach, do it for you.

Spark on.

Zach's article in "The Daily Beast" and his AWESOME video.

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