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Saturday, May 21, 2016

UPDATE 5/29/16 I see that you can now click preview and remove all the editing links from our own page. That is a plus.

It's been 3 days or so since the change and yeah, I still hate it.

Things are in better perspective for me... My first posts were reactions to the invasion of my personal space, but now I'm more reasonable. It is just a webpage, not really my personal space and not really needed by me or anyone when it comes down to it...

I loved my original page and kept it up to date. I hate this one because it reminds me of facebook with the white blocks and banner pic that has to be severely edited to fit (really, if you have a facebook page, open two tabs, one with your sparkpage and one with your facebook page... all the talk about them looking the same is absolute truth.)

Some of my favorite background pics I used to use do not edit to fit the banner and still look right, too much has to be cropped off, or you get the stupid blocks of color on the sides- yuck. I also don't like the white... too much bright white. I don't like not being able to choose font colors. I don't like the color blocks on the sides of the whole page... it just looks to me like they are making room for more ads. The whole thing is too bright and feels unbalanced.

I also don't like all the editing links for everything always right there on top. Other's pages look much cleaner since I don't see your editing links... to me, mine looks too busy and cluttered with all that around, on, and under every picture and block.

I also don't like the order my blocks are in. I'm not big on blogging (do it rarely), so I'd like to be able to move that block to a less prominent space, if I could that would be to the left under my sad little goodies box. My friends and teams are more important to me, I'd like to move them up. And I really don't care for the spot the goodies are in now, it's almost like they have been set aside... as if being prepared to be eliminated somewhere down the road.

The fact that the spark page change made me so upset (seriously?) made me realize I must spend too much time here... re-doing my page was kind of like a hobby. Now it's a drag because of all the limitations. Perhaps this is just the wake-up call I needed to get me away from here and doing more "real" stuff.

Yep, it just might be the push I needed. See, I've been considering taking a hiatus from SP for a while. It's been ages since I've used the actual tools that brought me here back in March of 2007... namely, the trackers. I am just burned out on having to enter everything. Writing is so much easier for me.

I've been hanging on to SP because of just a few things lately... keeping in touch with some awesome friends, keeping my little part of a couple teams going, and my beautiful spark page, my favorite place on the internet to just "park." No longer.

I have been trying to like it by changing pics (very difficult with the limited pics you can use in the banner) and the colorblock... hey, that's all I can change now. So far I'm just feeling dejected.

I have depression, and some of my friends know that it's been pretty bad for a while now. This little thing has not helped. And it is a small thing, I realize that. I mean, SparkPeople has all the right in the world to change their site however they see fit... no matter what. Yes it's free, but we do put up with all the ads, even did my part by clicking on them semi-regularly. (And I did spend money here on SP... in their store. I even have two of the sparktrackers.) But I just took for granted that Sparkpeople wouldn't change what they said was my personal part of their site. I was wrong, and I am honestly surprised at how this made me feel.

However, I know that it's not going to change back, so I can either get used to it, or leave. I don't want to actually leave, so perhaps a break is just the right thing.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    873 days ago
    looking good oh yea :-}
    896 days ago
    Here! Here! To be honest, I haven't even looked at my Spark page since the change. Mostly because of the reasons you listed - I suspected editing would be needed. I don't use SP as much as I used to, either. I miss the veggies counter!!!
    908 days ago

    you already know I'm in agreement with you & for the same reasons you set forth. and yeah ... SP did what they did without any regard for the people who actively use this site. oh well .... just keep up with friends and use the resources I guess.
    909 days ago
    I totally agree with you that the changes make the site look more like facebook or a WordPress blog. I don't like it. I don't like all of the white and that we are so limited on making our pages a reflection of who we are. I know many people are feeling the same way and many people have left because of it.

    I really hope you don't take a hiatus but instead just spend less time on SP. I know I've limited the amount of time I spend on SP. The encouragement and support I get from my Spark Friends is more than I get anywhere else except for my hubby of course. I may not get over to your page very often but I promise that I DO think about you a lot. You are such a sweet and dear Spark Friend that I'd be lost without you! Many of us who know you love you and would be very sad if you weren't here anymore.

    I like to blog but I am careful about what I say. If you are concerned about what some people might say on your blogs set your page to private so that only your friends can reply to your blogs.

    Know that you can come to me whenever you need to. In fact we can exchange phone numbers if you'd prefer to talk on the phone.

    I'll respect any decision you make but know that we all love you and would miss you very much!!

    Big Hugs and Love!
    911 days ago
    Sweetie I'm with you with so many of the things you've said. Know I am always here for you.
    912 days ago
    emoticon emoticon with you 100%Can not blame anyone for leaving and there
    have been plenty that have left.It is a shame not to even consider our feelings on this change.
    I complained,least I did stand up for what I thought and know was wrong!Just know you WILL
    be missed if you leave.But we all have to do what is in our best interest. emoticon emoticon
    913 days ago
    there is certainly a LOT of chatter about this subject and I tend to agree..... just hate to see so many of my Spark friends leave.
    913 days ago
    I agree with so much of what you have said. I am taking my spark page back to minimal information about me, will be leaving many of the teams I've joined...just backing away until, perhaps, I eventually walk away.
    913 days ago
  • JANUT57
    I miss the old page as well. Not sure if I will get used to the new one. emoticon
    913 days ago
    I agree dear Renae...it DOES really crimp our creative style and that sucks! BUT...we can still do our thing on the color backgrounds and the banner isn't horrific once you adjust. There has been a TERRIBLE uproar on the message boards...I mean FIERCE...so hopefully Spark may consider some of the unhappiness.

    I'd hate to see you take a hiatus...but if you must I totally understand. I've always been one to turn to spark when I feel a little down. I think the support we receive from our sparkie friends is invaluable. You have mad my life SO HAPPY by being the BEST TWAS friend this last season!

    Seriously you know we love you Renae and I actually find blogging to be a stress reliever...you might want to blog sometimes...you still have PLENTY of emoticons to jazz up your blog posts! emoticon

    Thank heavens they haven't messed with them...yet! emoticon

    I'll miss you horribly if you take a break but I know you will miss us (who couldn't..ha..ha) and be back soon!

    Hugs and know that you are LOVED! emoticon
    913 days ago
    I'm so grateful to have connected with you here, gorgeous.

    Unless there is some reason you want to see ads, please check out AdBlock Plus (totally free) to take them all away.

    Sending you wishes for miraculous relief from the blues.

    913 days ago
    913 days ago
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