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Spring Has Sprung

Saturday, May 21, 2016

This is the first time I've not been working in a long time. I'm trying to take care of all of the things that get neglected with everyone working and during the busy years with kids. I was coming home from a walk with my dog and I looked at my rotting landscape timbers for the last time. I found a pry bar in the garage and it was game on. This has led to weeks of backbreaking yard work. We had a small pond in the backyard. It was just a two level one but with the kids being older, it's just a lot of maintenance and less pleasure. I took the rocks from the outside of the pond to replace the timbers. I carried them from the backyard to the front, one by one or two by two. I think I had 10,000 steps by 10:30 a.m. that day. I loved how it looked and though the other side was edged, it just didn't look as nice. So, thus began the lugging of rocks to edge that side. I did leave my bunny inside that day because the first day she kept running in between my feet and trying to get out of the gate. Opening and closing our little gate was just too much work while carrying rocks. My backyard was a hot mess. I've just been getting through the summers maintaining what I did years ago. I was in the mood for a new look so, you guessed it, more rocks edging everything. My family claims I've brought our home into the stone age lol. It will all look better once it fills in. I dug out every hosta and grass I had around the pond and tried to use them elsewhere. I just don't like to waste things. The area where the pond was is ALMOST level. I pryed up some pavers in other areas and filled in with dirt. They were sinking. My son and I did a small patio a few years ago with blocks my in laws weren't using. Of course, it's not done right. We just did the best we could so it needed some pep. I have a vision of what I want to do with the area. It's proving much more difficult than I thought. Of course, my primary tool is a shovel. Maybe if I actually look for some appropriate ones, I could make my life easier. It has been the BEST workout. I squat to pick up each rock. They weigh a ton so my arms are flexed the whole time I carry them. Plus I'm running them all over. My husband got home at almost 5 yesterday and I was still in beast mode. Usually I'm showered and relaxed by the time he arrives. He was like, "will you stop?! You're making me look bad!" At this point, I just want it done. I wasn't even tired after a full six hours at it. I've only been walking during this time. I haven't run in almost two weeks. I've been doing core work but I figure my arms and legs are good. I posted some pics of my work and hopefully can post my completed work soon!
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