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We Cannot Become What We Want To Be - By Remaining What We Are

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Today we are going to stick with "Dan"...He gave us a Ton of Great Topics to Ponder yesterday. If you have not seen yesterdays blog yet...Check it out. It is the introduction of "Dan"...and He is Filled with some Knowledge and Understanding!

Today his message is on Escaping Processed Foods through Raw Foods. Now I know this seems Extreme to many folks. That's okay. Please Do Not Allow yourself to not click because of Current Beliefs. I cannot even tell you how many times I change my thoughts just based on a few clicks. It's Okay and Absolutely Encouraged to Trade-in Old Beliefs as often as you can. It is what Keeps us Changing and Growing!

You do not have to agree with Everything...But Do not Deny yourself the Option to make a Choice. You have to be Aware in order to make a Change...and the Only way to do that is to Question. So Allow yourself to Listen...and see if you can Grow a little bit more through Dan's Uplifting and Informative Message today.

Again...He touches on so many different topics...and he sure speaks from his heart and in the moment...Whoooo! I just really like this guy...He Inspires Me...I hope he is offering you some chances for Change too. I Learn every-time I Listen! I may Not understand or agree with many of the links I click on...but I usually can find one or two things that just make me go Ahhhhh.

Certainly (as would be expected) everyone is at different levels of Awareness and Understanding...Open-Mindednes
s...So of course, not everything is for Everyone...It is up to You to see what you can see from all of this. There is a message in it for you...Because you are here today.

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