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Don't stop until you're proud

Friday, May 13, 2016

Don't stop until you're proud. How awesome a plan is that?

I have been thinking a lot over the past few days about "The Biggest Loser" TV show, after reading an article in the New York Times about the show, and how contestants not only gain the weight back, but have a permanently screwed up metabolism.

Everything about this show bothers me. The fat shaming. The obsession about being SKINNY. The 6-8 hours of exercise per day. The food, contributed by companies that pay to have their products on the show. The 800 or less calories a day that these people consume. (I must admit, I have never watched the show. I have never watched a reality program in my life, and shut off the TV a month ago, I use it so rarely. I would MUCH rather read a book.)

I have now read how people are worried about losing weight "too quickly" and ruining their metabolism. ARRRRGGGGHHHH.

OK. In 9 months, I lost 124 pounds. I did it by exercising about 2 hours a day, staying on a VERY VERY VERY healthy eating plan, with plenty of fiber, enough protein, and not eating crap. I eat a LOT of fruits and vegetables, and only whole grains. My metabolism is just fine. I am doing great. Do not ever use this as an excuse to "lose weight more slowly" as this is not the problem.

The problem with this show, and with every single quick "DIET", is that none of them give you the tools for long term success. To have someone force you to exercise all day, with a lot of extra weight, is preposterous. It is amazing that nobody died of a heart attack yet on that show.

The show ruined people's joints, made some of them unable to almost walk, they were pushed so hard by EVIL trainers, whose only goal was to slap these people into shape with an unreasonable amount of exercise and a terrifyingly inadequate diet.

Please, please, understand one thing. Losing weight is a process. It takes each of us time. We need to re-adjust our relationship with food forever. We need to understand our weaknesses and not have them around. We need to fill our kitchens with healthy fruits and vegetables and lean meats (or other protein).

When I say I exercise about two hours a day, it is NOT something I do for two hours. I get up and do yoga every day for an hour. I stretch for twenty minutes before I get out of bed. I lift weights, either at the gym or at home. I go to several classes at the YMCA. I swim. I do not ever feel like I am doing a lot of exercise. I feel great. I love to move around, even when it is hard for me.

I talked with my physcial therapist this morning. She said that her weakness was potato chips. I said, why do you have them in the house? She stopped and said, I don't know. I said, if they were difficult to get, and you had to drive somewhere to get some, wouldn't it be less of a temptation? She agreed. She then told me that her Husband could not live without them. I said, well then buy single serving bags, and have ONE. We don't need to give things up, we jsut need to eat them using moderation. I don't like potato chips, never have, so they wouldn't interest me ever. She told me that she could sit down and eat a bag of them. I wondered how many calories are in a whole bag of potato chips....

Be proud right now. Know your worth is not tied to weight in any way. It is tied to what kind of a person you are. The reason that weight loss is important is because of your health. It also is a great boost for your self-confidence.

Spark on.

New York Times article:

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    1790 days ago
    1793 days ago
    Through many cycles of loss/regain I learned that it's not about the scale... it's about how I feel when I eat right and am active. It truly has been not a "diet" but a change in how I live. My PREFERENCES in food have changed. But I also keep certain triggers out of the house... and I have the freedom to do so, since I live with two cats and no other people.

    I won't say I NEVER eat any specific food, but I would say many that used to be staples (pizza, ice cream, chips and dips, hot dogs) have become rarities. I almost never do bacon or sausage any more. I had pancakes after the 41 mile bike ride this morning, but did not soak them in syrup, instead just sprinkled them with cinnamon... see, the tastes and preferences are different, driven by how I feel AFTER I eat!

    No excuses. Just figuring out what works! emoticon emoticon
    1793 days ago
    emoticon - you are a real life role model! Thank you for sharing.
    1793 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon
    1793 days ago
    I was shocked and saddened by the article. I'm not interested in watching anything that supports fat shaming and pursuit of shallow goals based on appearance rather than health. It doesn't surprise me that most people haven't maintained their weight loss, but the extent of the damage to their metabolisms is awful.

    I would love to watch a show following people trying to lose weight in a healthy way over a sensible period of time. I think there are a lot of fascinating stories right here on SparkPeople. But it seems the programme makers prefer cheap sensationalist exploitation!
    1794 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13080443
    I love your blogs, thanks for the continued motivation!
    1794 days ago
    Great advice! I fully agree with your comments on the Biggest Looser show - I have never watched it. I know that we all need encouragement and sometimes a push but that show seems more like abuse to me.

    We are home after two long days of driving. I tried to stick with good foods as much as possible but it's really hard when you are in someone else's hands. I did pretty well but I am so happy to be home so I can get back on track!
    1794 days ago
    I'm grateful that Steve likes things I don't and vice versa. He can have his chips and Mike & Ike candies and it's never a problem. I agree with you that this journey needs to be taken one step at a time, without expecting overnight results. Just as you and I are examples, the hard work and patience pay off!
    1794 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    You gave that PT person some great advice. That show is so wrong on so many levels and hopefully people who watch it don't think they can lose weight that way and keep it off. Hard work, determination, exercise and eating healthy is the only way to go!
    1794 days ago
    1. Losing weight and gaining health definitely IS a process -- and that means it takes time AND effort.

    2. The fat shaming really irks me, too.

    3. As far as exercising goes, I am truly amazed, also, that none of those contestants have suffered a heart attack. They are pushed beyond what they're capable of it seems.

    4. YES YES YES -- the joints DO suffer with such ridiculously difficult exercise expectations.

    You have nailed it, in my opinon. I lost 100 lbs. in a little over 12 mths. I did not do exercise to excess, but DID (and definitely still do) exercise and watch my nutrition. That's what you gotta do!

    HUGS and brilliant blog.
    1794 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    You are so right losing weight and getting healthy is a journey and it has no end if you want to maintain. That is great news because it keeps you accountable.

    The formula is simple, drink lots of water, make healthy food choices and eat less, increase your physical activity. You will lose weight!

    1794 days ago
  • no profile photo CHAYOR73
    emoticon emoticon that's a wonderful way of looking at losing weight!! emoticon
    1794 days ago
    It is great you found the way to lose the weight, keep it off any enjoy life fully.
    1794 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1794 days ago
    Great blog and interesting article. While I have lost 50 pounds, my metabolism rate (BMR/RMR) has changed along with the weight lost. Early on as stayed slightly below the calorie range, I lost weight. Today I must stay significantly below the calorie range to lose. Right now I'm stuck at 200 lbs for about a month even though I've been well below the calorie recommendations. Nevertheless, I'll struggle on--with less than 15 pounds to go - I'm determined.
    1794 days ago
    if you cannot stick to your weight loss plan for the rest of your life, your weight loss will not last the rest of your life. End of story.

    keep spreading the word!
    1794 days ago
    Thanks. I appreciate your view. I've never watched the show either.

    I my first 50 pounds at 1.75 pound average weekly loss on WW. I added one more serving of milk and 2 teaspoons of EVOO per day and continued to lose more than 30 pounds at less than a half pound per week. That worked for me.

    I have had previous experience with fast weight loss and never kept it off. I lost 21 pounds in 28 days on the old NutriSystem program of protein-sparing fast that was less than 600 calories per day. Like I said, didn't keep that off and I had insomnia, no periods, dry skin, and other problems for 9 months following, long after I'd gained back the weight. Live and learn.
    1794 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13354694
    emoticon emoticon
    1794 days ago
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