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Be an example and do your thing!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Don't chase people. Be an example. Attract them. Work hard and be yourself. The people who belong in your life, will come find you and stay. Just do your thing!!

Yesterday, I went to see my Primary Doctor, to talk to her about my worsening arthritis. My insurance makes me go to the Primary, then she has to refer me to another Doctor...dumb waste of time and money, if you ask me.

Anyway, I got called in by my AWESOME Doctor's nurse, Carol. Carol has gained a lot of weight over the 15 years I have known her, and when she called my name, and I stood up, she dropped her jaw. She said, Jane, I cannot believe this is you. You look great. I thanked her, then she asked me if I wanted to be weighed, and I said, no. I can tell you my weight. She said, laughing, if I were you, I would know mine too. (How many years, did I refuse to me weighed, because I was too mortifed to hear the number? WAY, WAY too many...)

We sat and talked about my reason for coming, then she said, well how did you do this...surgery? I said, NO. She said, really? I said, I changed my behavior. I told her all about Spark, my philosophy that this is a matter of loving yourself enough to change, to not diet, but to change your relationships with food. She wanted to know what I meant.

I explained that anyone who has had a problem with food, made it a go-to soother. Something you do, whether you had good news or bad. Something you do without thinking, without really understanding how many calories you are consuming. I asked her if she had kids. She does. I said, that is probably the biggest obstacle, because they want junk in the house. I told her that I just do not allow it. She knows my DD lives with me, and I told her that any junk is not allowed anywhere where I could see it or be tempted by it. Now, I don't really think it would matter. I am just not interested, unless it is good for me, and in my calorie budget.

She wanted more. I wrote down the Spark website, and told her about tracking, about the community, about blogging. I further told her how I eat. She told me that her Husband cooks the meals, and I said, will he cook healthy? She said that she did a "Biggest Loser" challenge at work, and won, because her husband cooked her meals. She said, sadly, but I couldn't keep the weight off.

I told her that i knew why. She looked at me, and I said, you didn't have the tools for success. You didn't look at this as a long-term, life-long adventure. You didn't love yourself enough to change. She was nodding the whole time. We must have sat there for fifteen minutes talking about weight loss. She said, I'm sorry, I am taking up your time. I told her that it was a pleasure to talk with her, and if she needed anything, to call me. She smiled at me, and said, the cool part of that, is that I know you mean it. I smiled back and said, I do.

I said, if I might say one last thing, this was not really about losing the weight as much as it was finding my inner lion. I found courage, determination and desire. I still have that all the time, and I won't lose it, because I KNOW how good I feel.

She got up and told me that she thought I should be a motivational speaker for weight loss. I said, will do that anytime. She said, we might take you up on that.

When the Doctor came in, she asked me what we were talking about for so long. I said, healthy weight loss. She smiled and said, thank you. I said, that was my pleasure. I'm trying to make a world of converts, one person at a time.

Do your thing, and be an example, especially to you.
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