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Thinking of upgrading my FitBit- give me your advice!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I have the Fitbit Zip. I'm thinking of upgrading the the Fitbit Alta or the Fitbit Charge HR. Keep in mind I don't have a Smartphone and I don't text. I don't have cell service at my house. I'm not the most active person in the world either. Most good days I hit about 8,000 steps. Sometimes I hit 10,000 but I have to be really busy for that to happen.

So what are your thoughts? Given the limited technology at my house, should I just keep the ZIp or should I upgrade to the Alta or the Charge HR? I know a couple of people who just got the Alta and it doesn't look like there is much of a price difference between the 2 so I'm not sure why one vs. the other.

What would you do? Comments PLEASE!!
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    Hi Rebecca, I love my Fitbit Charge HR, I can see the time and date, steps, heart rate, and it also shows my name too. You can customize what it shows you to save battery life. I have to charge my Fitbit about every three days because I workout a lot.
    1032 days ago
  • EN10011
    Hi Rebecca,
    I had the Flex before, and now the charge HR. I don't have a smartphone either. The main function to me is the step reader, if I am ending the day with 9780 steps, I will get up to make it to 10 K. The heart rate on the Charge is not accurate instantly, it gives averages over a few minutes. But I like it, because based on that, it calculates how long I have been active. I also like to look at my resting heart rate. As I get fitter, and stay hydrated, it goes down.
    Hope this helps.
    1049 days ago
    If you go to the FitBit website you can compare 3 different FitBit models and see what they offer. The Blaze is about $200 if I remember right. The Zip was about $60 when I got it. In between are the One, Charge HR, Alta, Flex, and One... lots of choices.

    I don't have a smartphone but I have an Android tablet and a laptop so with bluetooth and wifi I can synch my Zip. I usually just do it once or twice a day and then depend on the display to see my progress during the day.

    Even though I don't run the HR feature is attractive to me, although is it necessary? I haven't decided. I have asthma and it might be interesting to see my HR when I'm not feeling well etc.. to compare it and so forth.

    The One and the Flex are the same price I think and very similar but with slightly different features. The Charge has the features of them both and costs just a few dollars more.

    The Charge, the Alta, and the Charge HR are also very similarly priced with the Charge HR being a couple dollars more. Again, similar features to each other. The Alta doesn't do floors climbed but does text notifications. Not sure I need text notifications unless I upgrade to a better phone. The Charge HR obviously has the heart rate.

    The Alta is new I guess and maybe popular because it's new.

    Still trying to decide... and like someone said, maybe the Zip is all I need but it doesn't do as much as the others.
    1049 days ago
    I have the Fitbit Blaze and my husband has the Charge HR we both love them! However we both have smartphones. I'm not sure how the devices would work without that technology. I would research the technology aspect before making a purchase.
    1049 days ago
  • TEEMAC1260
    Anything works!!
    1049 days ago
    I love the Charge HR, but would like to try one that also does gps for more accurate data on distance.
    1049 days ago
    Hi There,
    In this case, I recommend the Fitbit ONE. My son has it. It clips on the belt and is very unobtrusive. It comes with an arm band to wear at night, if you want the sleep tracking (which I don't - I take off my charge HR at night). The reason, I suggest the ONE , is that it is very simple to use, has a nice display, and it keeps it's charge for TWO weeks and charges back up in about 15 minutes. How awesome is that.

    I have had the Flex (the band broke, and later the bit got chewed by my dog, so I had to replace it) and now, the Charge HR. I do like my Charge HR, but find it needs charging up fairly often. If you are not terribly active, then I don't see why you need the HR feature, unless you plan on switching to a running program.
    1049 days ago
    I like the plain old flex...I use it for steps and challenges with friends. If you need more- go for it!
    1049 days ago
    The Zip might be best it less than $50 and you don't necessarily need a smartphone to see your progress.
    1049 days ago
  • SSMITH762
    Are tempting, but only you can decide it it's worth your hard earned money.
    1049 days ago
    I have the Charge HR and love it! My Flex worked great as well but I wanted the benefit ofrom the heart rate monitor.
    1049 days ago
  • SSMITH762
    Well I don't have a fitbit, but I'd assume that there's something the hr and Alta offer that the zip doesnt? Is it worth buying a new device? Idk, I used my smartwatch as a pedometer and get frustrated since it's not the most accurate pedometer.Fitbt
    1049 days ago
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