Saturday, May 07, 2016

I'm beginning a weekly BECK CHECK as initiated and motivated by SLENDERELLA61. THANK YOU, MARSHA!

I reached goal about a month ago, on April 1st. So I am very new to maintaining. I lost about 20 - 25 lbs in the years before I discovered Beck and fluctuated between 3 - 12 lbs over goal for YEARS more. Once I found Beck, read it and worked it, the last 12 lbs came off easily. Never thought I'd say any weight came off easily!

During those previous years I had worked out the best Way Of Eating for me to be healthy. However, even healthy food can keep you fat if you overeat. That was my problem.

Beck was what my brain needed. It changed my BRAIN, changed my MIND, changed my LIFE. It was like a light switch! Suddenly I had a different approach to eating that went through my MIND, made me THINK, taught me to WAIT, helped me PRAISE myself for every tiny victory.

I'm not going to list the steps to keep in mind each day or what to do to keep things going on track. No statistics every week. If I do that I might be tempted to just cut and paste each week instead of really doing a "CHECK on my BECK" way of living.

So this week I am completely in awe of the fact that my weight only fluctuates such a small amount. A matter of ounces most of the time. All my life my weight has fluctuated wildly! Somehow I've gained control.

Not only that but putting Beck into action each day feels REALLY GOOD! If I know I'm not really hungry but I crave something, I remember it's not an emergency. "Hunger is not an emergency." If I wait, if I distract myself, the craving goes away and leaves me feeling very, very good.

I LOVE this pink book, lol. I have almost empathic connection with it. I hold it a lot. I can almost put it to my forehead and draw on what's inside. You know, like Johnny Carson and CARNAC the Magnificent, LOL. He would hold an envelope to his head and give the answer to the question inside and it was always hilarious. I hold the Beck book and am always successful.

I know it sounds weird. That's ok, I can laugh at myself and do it a lot. Whatever works. BECK works!

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