Tuesday, May 03, 2016

I finished April, with my Son's track meet. I am posting a picture, he threw the school record in Hammer, 125 feet. He then dropped me off at my hotel and hurried home for prom. I started my self care weekend.

I started May with my big fitness event, Bloomsday, which is a 12 k community walk. I did a 24 minute mile, with an extended potty break, 2 otter pop breaks, and some chatting of people along the way. Here are two pictures, from the start.
After the 10 mile walk ( with distance to and from added in), we dined at mexican food, and I was able to stay on plan, with a twist. I had a very nice 12 ounce margarita. we played in the hotel sauna, and had a very nice time.

Monday, we finished off the trip with a visit to the spa. time spent in the steam room, a massage, a facial and a pedi and I have recovered nicely.
Today, I am home, doing all the stuff that has to get done over a weekend, that doesn't get done when I am gone. I am also spending some time on the computer. I need to look at April, and set May goals. I last posted march goals, April was much of the same.

Ended weight 283. - 5% weight loss since 1/6/2016. My plan was to continue the downward trend, but I went up, mainly for the cheating.
1) Meal plan: modified Whole 30, I am not so vigilant about hidden sugars, like bacon cured with sugar, and some honey in a recipe. No dairy, No grains, No obvious sugars. No soy. No legumes. limited nuts. I broke rank a few times, maybe more than a few. I am cleaning up my act for may. I am following a modified 21 day transformation plan, with no dairy, etc.
2) Movement: walk on workday mornings,.We added yoga, and some body movement exercises to the morning routine. Do 15 minutes in wellness room 2x a workday. extended walks on weekends. Bloomsday has been my focus, but we will continue walking. The calendar is getting booked, and I don't know if I can do extended walks, but at least the 3 mile daily. The 21 day transformation added in some weight training which I will do at work in the wellness room.
3) Have a life; May is all about getting ready for my son's graduation. I have a 5 k, on memorial day. Graduation is June 4.
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