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busy schedule and taking care of self

Saturday, April 30, 2016

I haven't written any blogs since March 8th. I was busy. My work schedule went crazy and I was going to the U every Saturday for my math class. I lost focus on me and that is bad. I got so tired I was eating the house and the neighbourg's house each time I could. Couldn't stop myself. I was getting up at 3am working till 5 am going to work coming back from it taking a 2 to 3 hours nap, working a few hours having a 3-4 hours nap and starting over again. I don't know how exactly I was able to maintain that kind of schedule for 2 weeks, but I did it. I had to deliver the system I have been developping for the last 2 years and I barely made it. Good thing is they are using it now. Not so good thing is that it is not quite finished so I still have to work on it.

And here I am, complaining of a schedule I impose on myself and I guess trying to get your attention. That has always been my problem. the need to have the attention. I crave attention of all forms but get very unconfortable when I actually get it! weird.... But I disgress.

what I intended to do by coming here was to state my goals for this week. Since I will be in school 4 niights a week I have to pack 2 meals and 2 snacks when I leave in the morning. If I don't do so, It will get quite expensive (I can't work for 7.5 hours and follow a class for 3 without eating properly). And the choices of food between work and school are not that healthy.

That and I need to make it clear to everyone (especially myself), that I have to take care of myself. No matter how busy I get, my well-being should always come first.

So I went to the grocery and bought a lot of food. A good variety of veggies, fruits, nuts, cheeses, tortillas, pita bread, 14 cereal bread, etc etc. I had to make sure of 2 things : making sure I wouldn't think : "there is nothing to eat" as an excuse not to pack a lunch. Having enough fruits and veggies to have snacks and side dishes.

what I did is I took the meal plan on the tracker to print me a grocery list. It gave me a very good variety of products to buy. I am not saying I will eat exactly that but it is a base to start with.

My goals this week are simple :
1 - track everything
2 - prepare some meals this weekend and portion them so that anyone can just grab
things and have a meal ready to heat up
3 - make sure I bring 2 meals and 2-3 snacks per day (monday to Thursday) and 1 meal 4
and 2 snacks Friday.
4 - walk from work to school once this week

If I can accomplish this, I will work on reducing the total calories in the upcoming weeks.

my starting weight for this is 235.8 (not as bad as I had expected after everyting!)
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