Eating Out w/Beck or FIRST Thing to do When Eating Out.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I randomly review chapters in my Beck workbook to stay inspired and motivated. Last night I was reading Day 30, Eat Out with Ease.

She gives some good tips for eating out and they mostly involve PLANNING.

The last tip on this page is the FIRST THING TO DO WHEN EATING OUT!

Decide in advance how many calories (or whatever you are counting) you are going to have when you eat out. It's ok to eat a little less during the day and/or allow a few more calories for your restaurant meal, if you do this once a week. Obviously if you eat out ever day you are in a completely different reality, lol.

Re-read your list of reasons for losing weight and review all your Response Cards before you get to the restaurant. I remind myself how great it is to feel good in my clothes and to wear things I haven't worn in years!

Here is an important one that I do every time - Try to find the restaurant menu online and CHOOSE what you are going to order! I do that. I do it faithfully and I stick to it, using NO CHOICE as my mantra. This is what I'm going to eat. There is No Choice to eat anything else! My decision is made. I'm done!

If there is no online restaurant menu you usually know what type of restaurant you'll be in and can look for nutritional info on the usual type of fare they serve, knowing you will probably skip appetizers, bread and dessert.

When your food arrives, she says to portion off the amount you plan to eat and push the rest to the side of your plate or transfer it to a bread plate.

But wait. I have a better idea and do it faithfully:


Put the excess food, and there is almost always MORE food than you know you should eat, into the take out box BEFORE YOU TAKE THE FIRST BITE. Close the box, push it aside and forget it is there until you are ready to leave!

THIS WORKS! Also, begin to use eating out, usually with at least one other person, as a social exercise. Pay attention to the person with you. Talk and laugh with them and get involved in the conversation, in the enjoyment. Eat slowly. Put your fork down a lot and talk and laugh.

At the end, you'll be happy, you won't be stuffed, you won't feel "bad" or guilty for overeating. You'll have a good time to remember and next morning you'll be really happy on the scale!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon idea about asking for the "to go" container with your order.
    1052 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Looks like we are mostly in sync and agreement. I ALWAYS plan my meal before I go anywhere...even on vacation I can ALWAYS order a salad and veggies and am never worried about it.

    emoticon I SO love seeing you maintain! And you are like a carbon copy of me with Beck! emoticon SO glad you found Beck when you did!

    1060 days ago
    I often order an appetizer rather than a full meal but have to be conscious of the calories.
    1061 days ago
    I do what you do ... decide ahead of time. And, I have asked for a take out container when ordering. I happen to be one of those that dines out frequently and have learned to make healthy choices even while dining out. I am on my lunch break and responding from a restaurant as I type. emoticon
    1061 days ago
    Thank you for the review!
    I too love the Beck solutions, and I always review the menu online and pick my meal.
    Interestingly, when I stick with my choice I do well, and I fail if I make a change in the restaurant ; )
    Getting the box with the meal is a great idea, also the leftover food looks much prettier if separated at the start.
    1061 days ago
    I solved this problem too in a different way. I rewired myself sometime last year to short circuit my eating out problems. I cut back on eating out first of all. At one time years ago I ate out 5 or 6 times a week. Last year I was down to 2-3 times a week and now I am down to twice a week or even less a lot of times. If I didn't live so far out I could cut it down to zero. On some weeks we forego our weekly trip to eat out. On others I don't have anything to eat all day when I am in town doing my chores. Feeling like you have to eat 3 meals a day is counterproductive. Missing meals is not problematic. We mostly have chain restaurants here and most of them suck. When I do have to eat out I have learned to forego some things - like fries. Around here there are few healthy side dishes so I usually don't bother. Occasionally some place may offer broccoli but it is usually fixed horribly. Another thing is I am not eating anything that is not worth the calories. I don't eat foods that are good for me if I really don't want them. I'm to the point where there are very few places I would want to eat and we don't have any of them here. They are places where I can actually eat healthy and on plan - like Red Lobster or Golden Corral. My hubby would never choose to eat out. So I assume that for special occasions from now on, that don't involve me fixing meals at home, like Mother's Day or my birthday, I will not be focusing on food, which unfortunately was usually the focus in the past as I didn't want just another typical boring day. I was looking for something special to set the day apart but food is not the way to go. A boring mediocre chain restaurant chain meal is nothing special and it has taken me years to realize that. Now on special days I will focus on things like being grateful I'm not sick on that day. Maybe I will see a chipmunk or a turtle. Food just doesn't hold the interest for me it used to and I'm glad. I don't want to spend a lifetime fighting the urge to eat.

    1061 days ago
  • GORDON66
    Most restaurants post their menus on line, so the decision making can be done at home. Cuts back on the impulse choices.


    1062 days ago
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