Day 12..the struggle is real folks

Monday, April 25, 2016

So today is day twelve.

I'm counting calories again. Thats what I do. I know that when I eat on the lower end I lose faster, but on the down side I'm starving!!! Well I guess I'm over exaggerating, many people eat 1200 calories a day. Spark says I can have 1500-1700 and stil lose 2 pounds a week, myfitnesspal the number is closer to 1700. So confusing to me.

Oh and why all this confusion is going on inside my head I get this email today from ww...

Honestly I don't have the money right now...but is is still tempting, even though I just cancelled my membership less than a month ago. I just wasn't working the program obviously.

Oh yeah...I have a piece of glass in my big toe.
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  • KITT52
    find what works for you..
    frankly all the trackers gave me way to many calories, and I did not loose weight....so I found foods I really like counted my calories....I'm a small person and sticking with about 1250 calories per day helped me loose over 200 pounds....plus exercise..

    but find low cal filling foods ..lots of veggies and lean protein was my answer....take time to find your....we are all different....also eating mini meals through out the day helps me be never too full or starving...when I get hungry I drink a big glass of water..when I get cravings I chew a piece of gum.....I wait at least 30 minutes and if I am still starving then I eat carrots, apples , cucumbers.....if they don't apeal to me...I know I am not really hungry I just want to eat...

    look up what real hunger is......just my 2 cents worth
    1211 days ago
    Every successful loser had a first day. Keep it up,you'll get there!
    1212 days ago
    I'm on day one...and already struggling along. I know exactly what you mean-ITS REAL..real difficult. I went to the market and there were some banana creme tarts and I was like, NO WAY ..and kept walking. BUT I craveee stuff so its hard. Its REAl hard.
    I think protein helps..I just had some low moisture mozzarella and I noticed the hunger lowered. I think Im going to up the protein. I hope you can keep going ...I know its tough. sending strength and wisdom to figure out what works for you to help curb the hunger. Sorry its so rough, I understand...like I said its day 1...UGH. Also sorry about the glass in your toe...soak in Epsom. salts to see if it will come out?
    1212 days ago
    I am so glad you are back in the game Michelle.
    I miss your sparkle.
    Hope the toe feels better soon!

    1212 days ago
    You can do this lady. Keep at it. It is mathematically impossible you will not see results if you stick with it. Duct tape on the spot with the glass. Push it down well and peel back slowly. Should pull it out!
    1213 days ago
    Ouch! Sorry to hear about your toe! I have the same calorie ranges as you, and I try to stay in the middle. If you're starving, maybe you could fit in a small 100-200 calorie snack and that might help you get through the day at least in the middle of your ranges.

    Hang in there, you've almost made it to two full weeks!

    emoticon emoticon
    1213 days ago
    If you like the point system try the Ultimate Food Diary app. It set up just WW Points Plus.
    1213 days ago
    Ouch! I am not giving advice but for me when I do WW I double the pressure on myself because I cannot afford it and I "don't have time" to learn and process I have to get to goal so I can stop paying! It gets frantic. Sorry about the glass, OUCH!
    1213 days ago
    Hang in there! Stay focused on your goals and the determination and drive will come.
    1213 days ago
    Sounds like a rough day. Hope it gets better!
    1213 days ago
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