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What is Right is Not Always Popular and What is Popular is Not Always Right

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sparkpeople...I can't read you...It is so perplexing to me...I can't tell if you read my blogs...Only by comments...and that would mean I reach about zero to five people. Yet when I post the exact same blog in my blogspot...I get Tons of views. So I dunno if you are viewing and not saying anything...Or not comfortable to let it be known you are going against the grain...I can only Hope that you are receiving the messages...How you interpret them and what you take away are yours to decide...I just share what I Learn so that you can decide if you want to shift your thinking slightly too. Trade in an Old Belief for a New One. It's a Great Practice to be in...It's Called Growth...It's Amazing!

I just find it Funny that in a Health and Wellness Environment (website) there is little to no response to these Blogs which are Specifically about Health and Wellness...Healing and Changing and Growing...Which is why I think we are all here...Yet they seem to Get No Attention.

The same exact blog in another site that has Nothing to do with Health and Wellness at all gets So Much more action. My words have been seen in 26 Countries now! (Probably proving that Popular thing...Folks click because it was done so before by many others...So they do too...Rather here it would seem nobody clicks...so nobody clicks..It just seems weird to me that What I would expect is the Opposite....I would have thought Spark would be more interested than those in general...but it would appear again quite the opposite.

If only zero to five people see this...then I guess I won't have to worry too much about who sees my complaining...Rather than sharing Information as I usually do.

It still irks me that pictures of animals are in the Highlighted Blogs...and actual factual information that can help goes unnoticed or under-appreciated...That you must have a Popular Blog in order to be Highlighted Blog...I would love to see Blogs with Content be the Focus of a Health and Wellness Site...More so than what is popular or who is popular...animal pictures and videos...Highlighted?!?!?!

(PS Nothing against the Maker of the Blogs or animals...I am merely disappointed that Health and Wellness is Not Highlighted...I Love animal pictures and videos too...and I have no ill-will toward anyone...The Maker of the Blog nor the content of her blogs...Simply disappointed that Popular is more Meaningful than anything else.)

I guess it just proves again that Most Folks go with the Popular Decision as a Character Trait...and thus proves without any doubt...I walk alone against the traffic...Making my Own Path and Finding things that no one who walks the Popular path will ever see. It's too bad too...because I am really taking in quite the breathtaking view...It is Heaven on Earth...It is The Land of Fruit and Plenty...and it is Not a Dream...It is a Reality to Come as more folks finally become aware of what is Actually going on...vs. the Popular Decision. Life is Changing...Get Ready...It is already happening...It is just a matter of when you Realize it.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Here's a thought that goes along with your blog:
    To have the right to do something may not be the right thing to do at all.
    1089 days ago
    I know what you are saying. Several years ago I posted a blog that I thought was very thoughtful and insightful. It was about how cigarette advertising was banned starting around 1971 because it glorified smoking (I know you are too young to remember this, but commercials with people sailing on yachts or just enjoying barbecues, with cigarette in hand, of course, were the norm). However, many ads do the same thing with soda and other unhealthy foods, and they are allowed to stay, I think I got about three comments. I have posted and seen other blogs that are far more trivial and generate far more comments.

    I love what you have to say. Please don't give it up!!

    BTW I am a junkie for those videos, too. I love Dr. Lustig.
    1089 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/25/2016 11:22:23 AM
    Thank you for your Great Comments...AND Letting me know someone was there....I would Love to See Spark Post Blogs with Content rather than by Popular Decision and make a counter so you could see how many views and from which country. Then it would be helpful...You could realize what is resonating with others...

    This way...I feel so by myself...but I am okay with that too...I consider it a special place to be...On the Leading Edge...It is lonely here...But I am happy to be Blazing a Trail...At least Folks can see where I have been and decide if they want to follow that trail or find their Own...But the Popular Path is just Limiting and Endless...and you cannot step out of it, if you do not realize the need to do it first...So Yay! Find your own way...and have FUN doing it!!!
    1089 days ago
    I'm seeing your blog because it popped up in my feed for the day. I agree with some of what you say. I post blogs a lot here, but maybe I will get one or two replies if I am lucky. I think the hard part about this site with blogs is people do not know there are new ones posted. If they are not in your friend feed, they will not see your blog unless they go the blog page whether online or on the app.
    I personally look daily at the blog page to see if there is anything new and interesting for me to read, that is how I found this page. You have definitely interested me to read more of your blogs.
    1089 days ago
  • HETTA1949
    Thoughtful comments
    1089 days ago
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