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Self-Care Sunday: Trails, Beer and Cookies

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The last blog I wrote, I thought I was really focusing on the comfort of sitting down to a really corny movie, but most of the comments were about Self-Care Sunday, so I thought I'd write another one about what I did today for Self-Care Sunday.

I was going to go to the gym for 45 minutes today, but we did some yardwork instead. I kind of wanted to skip, but my husband had asked me to pick up something from the grocery store that is next to the gym, so I started to get ready to head out. He's rarely interested in going for cardio any more, so he had not planned to come along. He did say I could drive over there with him, and he would walk home. That evolved into the idea of us just walking to the grocery store and bringing Daisy with. As we were walking a more dog-safe route than the one we usually take, we found a footpath and took it, because why not? Also, since she isn't allowed in the store, I kept walking her on the sidewalk while he shopped, so I got a ton of steps and found out an interesting tidbit about my husband, that he really enjoys walking trails!

When we got home, I opened up a webpage showing all our county's trails. I hope that he'll want to go most weekends! It would do us all (including the puppy) good.

After getting home, my allergies were hitting me pretty hard, so I had to shower immediately, which didn't make that part of Self-Care Sunday as relaxing as usual. I followed the same routine as last week but was careful not to put the hair mask on any more than the bottom six inches of my hair. The last two weeks, Self-Care Sunday turned into Ponytail Monday, because I woke up with such oily hair.

Then, I charted out the rest of my calories for the day, and I decided I wanted cookies for dinner and to drink beer in the afternoon. So I did. And I stayed in my calorie range. I'm at 1285 for the day.

I think it's very freeing to know that I can indulge and not sabotage myself. I'm an adult! I eat what I want! Just in small, appropriate portions. =)
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