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Saturday, April 23, 2016

I have just had a week away exploring the East Cape region. It was beautiful and good food for the sole.

Although I have put on a little weight 0.4kg. (About 0.8 of a pound) whilst I was away I am seeing the whole thing as a success. Because of the changes I have made since January I was able to walk where I wanted, climb rocks, visit the East Cape Lighthouse, up 800 steps, luge down the mountain/hill at Rotorua and best of all body board in the surf with my son. I have discovered I love body boarding. This time last year I couldn't have done those things and I just love that I can. I am enjoying doing.

I have been away for a week with my family and not put on a massive amount of weight, I ate the food they wanted but in moderation. For the first time in my life I am stopping eating when I have had enough instead of just eating the whole plate full/cake whatever I am having a bit and stopping. For years I have said the mantra "better in the bin than on the chin" but ate the junk anyway. I am that person who can overeat on healthy food, but now, without feeling deprived or quoting mantras I am using restraint. The difference is I am not feeling deprived, I have had cake, chocolate, milkshakes and pudding, but just a bit, and still feeling I've had enough.

Now that I am back home I want to be even better. I love what I have achieved so far but I want to do more. I am highly motivated and excited about where this journey is taking me. Before I went away I was becoming frustrated that I am not loosing weight very well, but I have realised that I have gained so much and come so far in just a few months, what does it matter what the scales say?

The plan for the coming week

Meal plan - fridge is empty a good place to start afresh
- Eat within the calorie range, more emphasis on nutrition as didn't whilst away.
Exercise - boot camp 3 times a week
Lifestyle - not sit for more than an hour at a time without getting up and being mobile
- achieve 8000 steps more everyday this week
- back to drinking 8 cups of water a day (really surprised I missed this as I didn't have access to fresh water while away and I feel dehydrated even though I drank other liquids)
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