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You Really Can't Exercise Away a Bad Diet

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Just back from a vacation in FL where I decided to throw caution to the wind in terms of eating and drinking. Actually didn't go crazy and still choose healthier foods on a regular basis.....BUT I ate more than usual and had a lot more alcohol. I mean, who doesn't want a glass of cold chardonnay sitting by the water?

I also got to the gym almost every day and the days I didn't go we took a long fast walk around the area. And we walked to the gym and to the pool and walked, walked, walked all over. Tracked everything I ate and even going waaaay over my goals the calories burned seemed to balance it out.

But I knew that it wasn't working because my clothes felt a bit more snug. My stomach was a a little "pouchy" and my face looked a little rounder. Being tall I can put on a few pounds and things will fit; not so much with skinny jeans.

I didn't weigh last week when I got home but got on the scale today and weight up 3 pounds. Gulp. My range is 140 - 144 and today I was 146 which is still below my goal weight and below the "OMG" 150. But no panic. I expected to see this number and I'm not doing anything dramatic or crazy.

It's just back to paying attention to what I eat and dos much I eat. Vacation was a blip in a years long total revamp of diet and now I'm back to way I choose to eat. Already feeling better with making healthy choices more times than not.

Anyone else have a blip? what are you doing to get back on track? You know we can do it!
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    You are so right........and I've had too many "blips" to count, sad to say.........thank you for sharing!
    1632 days ago
    I usually have my blip when my siblings come to visit. We were always big eaters as kids, and actually praised for it! I am stronger now, and know I will make better choices when they visit again.

    You are an inspiration in so many ways. I've always wanted to be a health coach too. I am impressed that you took the bull by the horns, and just did it!

    1635 days ago
    So true
    1639 days ago
    It what you do after you notice the 3 lbs higher than "normal" or "safe" for you that counts. IF you brush it off as no big deal and keep eating whatever and/or not exercising at all you will gain and lose all you hard work. If you notice take stock and resume the behaviors you took the time to ingrain in life int he first place then you have accomplished what you meant to. Good luck keep pushing and keep paying attention.
    1639 days ago
    I'm headed to the beach in June for my 60th birthday. My daughters are going with...actually it's their treat. We already have started talking about where we will eat :-). I'll be careful, but I'm going to enjoy! I'm impressed you are under goal!
    1640 days ago
  • no profile photo CD16380430
    1640 days ago
    1641 days ago
  • no profile photo ROXYCARIN
    1641 days ago
    Your blog title says it all. I tried for years to exercise the weight off. If I don't watch what I eat and drink, I can not keep those pounds off. And they go on so smoothly and come off so hard! Alcohol in particular. But 3 lbs.? You'll be saying goodbye to them very shortly. And, yes, a lovely glass of white wine near the water is WORTH IT!!!

    1642 days ago
    It's so true! I had one "slip up" meal last night. It was within my caloric range and I had exercised too. But I paid for it this morning on the scale with a pound up. So, today it's back to beginning the day with exercise, drinking water, smart food choices, and not beating myself up. One day at a time, right?
    1642 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    Glad you enjoyed your break, and know what to do now.
    1643 days ago
  • KMMR87
    It's called "life". Brush it off and get back to work emoticon
    1643 days ago
  • no profile photo SUSANK16
    Oh I think we all have blips.
    1643 days ago
    I had a 2 year blip, but I'm back. Small baby steps that don't feel overwhelming and doable actions. My comfy weight was like yours 140-145. Anytime I went past that I would re-evaluate my food and portion sizes. Then I stopped caring.197lbs
    1643 days ago
    I love your positive attitude! It's a give and take kind of relationship between life and weight. The best part about your vacation is that you made a conscious decision to relax a bit but still keep some of your healthy habits--the most important thing to remember, I think, is that we have control over this. Glad you had a fun vacation and getting back to the basics :)
    1643 days ago
    So true and I think that was my problem from way way way back in my teens when I started gaining weight; I was always looking for a way to eat the bad stuff. Restrict it a few days, then exercise or have a 'cheat day', etc. Not that anything's wrong with indulging occasionally, in a sensible kind of way, but I was trying to figure a way around the obvious-- which was to just eat healthier foods and give up a lot of not-so-healthy stuff that has a bad effect on me (at least on a daily basis). emoticon
    1644 days ago
  • 911BRAD
    I hate it when life gets in the way... You got this...Cheers to you!
    1644 days ago
    It just shouldn't be that easy to put on a few pounds though... gaawwd!! emoticon
    1644 days ago
    It amazes me that we get out of shape over a matter of years eating everything we can get in our mouths, but once you start eating healthy, all the junk seems to come on over night when we get out of control even for a week!

    1644 days ago
  • HEATHER3477
    Very True! Thank you for this post

    1644 days ago
    It's vacation - you get a little pass. You'll get back on track.
    1644 days ago
    Yep. You can't out run your fork. I remember gaining 4 pounds during my Key West trip when I ran a half marathon. I think one of the keys to long term success is just what you said- no panic! Take a few ups and downs in stride and stick to what works in the long run. emoticon
    1646 days ago
  • 922012
    Yep... I'm also up by 3 pounds and am working my "program" to get back to where I want to be. Lesson learned and understood.

    Here's to continued success!
    1646 days ago
    emoticon You had a good time. Now it is time to get back in the groove and move forward. We all need to take a break once in a while, after all life goes on.
    1646 days ago
    So true!
    1646 days ago
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