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Friday, April 15, 2016


Remember the other Day we were talking about The Electronic Age and How our Brains are Adapting to Less Thinking...We are actually Not Using Parts of our Brain that we used to...We are Limiting our Growth Potential by allowing Machines and Movies to do the Creative Thinking for us...We are Losing our Ability to be Creative-Imaginative Thinkers by Under-utilizing this Part of our Brain.

The way we get it back is like anything else...Through Repetition...Meaning We have to get a 6-pack for our Brains..We have to Use them and Train them well...

You may Wonder WHY Pray tell is Imagination and Creativity so Valuable Anyway?

Ohhhh...Lemme Just Share with You!

If you have been around a while...You No Doubt recall my affinity for the Imaginal Cells...

Come on...We're going down a tiny rabbit-hole...just a tiny one...teensy...

The Imaginal Cell - Lets give it a definition so we all know what we are talking about.

The term “Imaginal” has connotations of imagination, the process of creating new ideas and concepts of things that do not yet exist.

But in biology, the term is applied to Imaginal cells – and the startling science behind Imaginal cells is where we get our inspiration for the work we do.

"The process of creating new ideas and concepts of things that do not yet exist." (Sounds about Right.) Inspiration and Imagination...Right up my Alley! Let's Learn More...

Again Today, we turn to Dr. Bruce Lipton an American developmental biologist best known for promoting the idea that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person's beliefs.

Exactly what we are looking for! So let's hear a quick explanation from Dr Lipton himself. Who could explain it better?

Bruce Lipton - Imaginal Cells in the Dying Caterpillar

Imaginal Cells are responsible for our Creative Thinking in times when other cells are dying off...The cells that are looking to the Future and finding a creative way to morph and change with the times. I think I am one giant Imaginal Cell right now! How bout' you?

But...That is just an introduction to our subconscious...Let's dive a little deeper for more Knowledge...

This is another Quick Explanation (2:44) from Deepak Chopra...I like to get multiple resources...all referring back to the same conclusion so that we can find a Different Perspective...

Both explanations use a caterpillar as an example...Most cells die off in a caterpillar...But the Imaginal Cells...Those Beautiful and Creative Imaginal Cells...They are what allows the overburdened caterpillar to Transform itself from a simple heavy and lethargic crawling creature into a Magnificent Butterfly with Wings to Soar...Rather than die off as a caterpillar...Imaginal Cells Create Solutions and look to the Future Opportunity where others (the masses) think things are bleak and dying...The Imaginal Cells are the Creative Cells that gather together- Make the best of a bad situation and Form something BEAUTIFUL out of Possibilities and take nutriment in the old and decaying...To find a way to Adapt-Sustain-and Transform into a New and More Glorious Life.

Let your Imaginal Cells Rage!!!

Imagination, Imaginal Cells, and Evolutionary Leaps |
THE RABBIT HOLE with Deepak Chopra

But I like to have one more explanation...This time for UNDERSTANDING.

Let's see what else we can find from another resource. Isn't this FUN?!?!?! We are LEARNING...Our Brains are Growing...and we are Expanding our Knowledge...Just as we should. Great Job Today for Seeking out Knowledge with me!

Here is another 1 minute explanation...Who knew Imaginal Cells were so Inspiring...Just the Idea of Imaginal Cells and their Adaptability...

This video explains how a caterpillar (and I would think metaphorically when reading this...See if you can find the Inspiration.) Eats and Gorges itself until it is Dangerously Plump...Which causes normal cells to die off...Eventually leading to the depleting of his cells and existence...Except for these Amazing Imaginal Cells that Do Not think like all the rest...They use their minds...imagination...creativi
ty...Inward Stimuli...Not Outward Distraction...They make the Best of the Situation...Gather Together and Cluster their Energy Together to Form a NEW and Completely Different and Separate Life - after Life...

BE the Imaginal Cells!!!

Imaginal cells

Man I am Jazzed! Are your Imaginal Cells Tingling Too?!?!?!?

I want to know another Perspective...This time Since we already introduced the idea to our Brains...Then we got ourselves some Knowledge...and then into Understanding...Now Today Extra Special...and Dedicated to the Imaginal Cells...

One More Explanation for INSPIRATION! Let your Imaginal Cells Party Like its 1999!

I just LOVE these Imaginal Cells...

A New World is Growing Inside the Old

Whoooo! That Just PUMPS ME UP! It is my hope that YOU Are PUMPED-UP TOO!

I am allowing my mind to expand...and I am using my Imagination and Creativity this Morning...You might do the same...It Feels Good to Utilize our Underused brains. We Need to Use it if we Don't want to Lose it...Right?

I was just allowing my Mind to Follow along with my thoughts and Tried to Envision the words I was saying...So Try...It helps to Keep up with the Conversation...Think in Pictures...Make a Movie out of the words...

Rather than just Seeing Words...See images of the Words...Use your Imagination and Creativity and Avoid Trying to Refute or Argue with any Belief System...This is Creativity...No Limits...No Arguments...This is The Land of What If's.

So...Back to my Creative Thinking this Morning...

What If...The Future is happening in the Present...(Simultaneously) So our Future Future Selves could come back and See us in the Present based on Future Future Technology...(Evolved Internet!) Things that have yet to Be Discovered in the Here and Now...With so many things Coming To Light...and Changes Transpiring...New Results Built from New Information...I just think this World is about to Catapult into a New Frontier and we are on the Leading Edge of it all...

I Believe we will Morph and Change our Entire Species through the Knowledge that we are Just Now Gaining about the Effects of Processed Foods and What a World Would be like Without Them...I am fairly Certain that only those who Understand Processed Dead Foods as we are beginning to Understand them now...will be Healthy Enough to Survive into a Future Future...

We didn't Know then that we had this Option or what the Consequences of Processed Foods and Man made Concoctions really would be...Yet we can very Plainly See Now...Isn't that How Change Happens? You Recognize the Need for the Change. So Change Must Come in order to Survive to See the Change...and to Live in that Amazing World...It will Never be known by those who Continue to Eat Processed Dead Foods...This is a Part of our Evolutionary Process...and the Imagial Ones will be Around to See the Amazing Transformation after the Huge Decay.

Who knows how long we could Actually Live if we Removed Processed Foods Completely...Could we get back into Living Hundreds of years? A World with Elder Elders again. We don't know yet...Do We? We have Never Lived in a World without Processed Foods...So this Does take come Creative thinking...But What a Wonderful World that would be!

I just know there is so much more that We Don't Know...Or that We Don't Know-We Don't Know...Or that We Think We Know that really Isn't so...So there is a Lot Left Yet to Get to Know.

Say that one a few times in a Row...Crrrreative Fun Time! Say it 3 times in a Row...Now GO!

This is what is stirring in my mind...What does yours Think? By this I mean...Not what does your mind Refute...I mean Where does your Imagination take You? What are your Creative Thoughts...What Lies in Your "What If's" World?

Remember One Simple Rule...Unlimited Thinking! Do Not be Limited by what you Think you Know...Dare to Go where your Imagination and Creativity Lead You to Go! Remember...What You Think Matters Most of All...So Think BIG and Know that Your Part in Change is in no way too small...It is what we All must Do for Ourselves to Metamorphosis into a Whole New Existence Free of the Burdens of Toxins and that Whole Dark Cloud. We can Have So Much more than what is being offered I'll tell ya that...And All you have to do is Just Your Part...Not any one can do it for another...Everyone Must Know For Themselves Too...You take care of You...and the rest will see through your example...and be Changed by your Influence.

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