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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

That may not sound like much to some of you, but I am counting every day that I wake up and commit to making healthy choices as a small victory! This morning I completed day 3 of the 30 day yoga challenge even though my body was not fully convinced! Here's the link on YouTube to day 1 if anyone would like to try it: https://youtu.be/oBu-pQG6sTY A
lthough I'm severely out of shape and my muscles are complaining - I feel great after each yoga session. I know it's already Wednesday, but I've been away from SP so long that I'm a bit slow to get back into the groove. At the beginning of each week, I will be blogging about my weekly goals. I find that if I put those goals here for everyone to see, I feel bound to try harder. I will usually be doing this on a Sunday blog - but this week it's Wednesday. WEEKLY GOALS: •Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night •Continue daily yoga sessions •Exercise before noon each day •Blog EVERY day •Create a weekly calorie deficit of 7K •Lose 2lbs So far this week - I'm completely failing at the sleep goal, but everything else is in order. From now on, Sunday will be my day to weigh in and blog about weekly progress & upcoming goals. If anyone else would like to do the same, we can all check up on each other each Sunday and give encouragement. Just comment below and add me as a friend if you're on board! Have a super ridiculously fantastic Wednesday, y'all 😉👍🏻
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