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The Storm Before The Calm - Steady as She Goes

Saturday, April 09, 2016

The Storm Before The Calm - Steady as She Goes

Just a little Heads-Up for you...because I am being very forthcoming about our Health and Wellness...and I am telling you things that you may not have ever heard of or thought of...or maybe even didn't want to hear...Until you met my blogs...I am sharing with you my Experiences as they happen. I am sharing my firsthand Knowledge (well secondhand I suppose...I had to Learn it from somewhere first.)

So this post is not exactly Scientific...Nor Proven Really...as most of mine usually are...and I am Sure Not telling you How to Feel...or Predicting the Future...or Suggesting that This Will Happen to you...But I would Suggest to Be Prepared...and If Something BIG Does come into your Life...Perhaps you will consider this message and Take Heart in it. Realizing that Greater Blessings can come from Greater Adversity...Remember Things usually get Pretty Shaky Just before a Big Break Though! The More Shaking...The More Ground-Breaking! You get Paid what you Deserve in Life...and to me...When you Go through something Life Changing...There will be a Great Reward on the other side of the Valley...But you have to go through the Valley to claim the Victory. The Harsher the Circumstance the Greater the Blessing that awaits. Sometimes the More we Lose...The More we Gain. So if things seem to be going Crazy all around you...People coming and People going...Kind of Chaotic and Uncertain...Hang on...You'll get your footing soon. Things are Changing...Which Means You are Changing too.

In my own Experience...None of this information came to Me...Or if it did...I did not Recognize it...UNTIL...A "Before and After" kind of Life Moment. The kind that Kicks you so hard it takes a while to stand back up...An Anguish...Completely Shattering...Void is Felt...And THEN...There is Room for NEW.

Only After this Great Storm turned my Life as I knew it into a Heap of Ashes and Ruble...After Everything got Toppled and nothing was the same...There was No more Up or Down...There only Was...

Only after I had gone through the Struggle having given so much Energy to Fight the Reality...Until I had No Strength Left to Stand or Look Up...Until I had No Words Left to Speak...and No Tears Left to Cry...

ONLY Then...was I still enough and exhausted enough and tired enough...that I could resist No Longer...To be able to hear the calling of my own Heart...My Spirit...My Intuition...

And when I began Listening...I could hear the messages coming...It was as if I were plugged into this Amazing Resource and Information would Flood to me effortlessly...You can see for yourself in my Library...You can Follow my Journey as I Learned...I had decided back in May of Last Year...Just one month after my Baby Brother (40) was Accidentally Hit and Killed by a Train...(We are coming up on the Anniversary 4-15-15 of One Year.) That I would Make a Library and Keep all of my Thoughts and Discoveries in One Place...and SHARE them with EVERYONE who Wanted to Learn...

I am So Glad I was able to Listen to my Heart...It Guided me to Where I am Today...(and allowed me to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for others...) I did not Understand it at First...But I realized...I don't need to over-analyze Everything...I have my hands full with all of this AMAZING Discovery That my Journey has been for the last year...I feel like in a movie where the guy goes away for a year on a Sojourn...and Does Come Back a Metamorphosis...But Not really realizing the Impact of the Change within him until he gets back from his Travels...Until He Traveled Every Step....

This past year could have been a nightmare...If I would have let it...This past year could have been filled with loss...If I would have let it...This past year could have been my undoing...if I would have let it.


This past year I have Grown in ways I could have Never Dreamed (Or Maybe Only because I Dared to Dream.) At First I Did feel a Great Pain and Suffering...But it Was NOT LOSS...I felt BLESSED to have had my Little Brother in my Life for 40 Years...I was LUCKY To have him that long...He taught me So Many things without ever even knowing it...He has not left Me...He is Forever in my Heart...and His Energy is added unto Me...and I am Even More Now with His Spirit...Than I Ever Thought I was Before...I am Only Better and More Blessed for having had my Brother in my Life...The Thought of him always warms my Heart (in Little Brother Love...Don't get too excited Lil Bratha!) I miss seeing him in the physical form...But I Do Not Feel Loss...

No...In fact...I feel like I am right where I am Supposed to be...I did not get to Choose the Path...It Chose Me...I just had to Learn How to Navigate it and Make a New Path where there was None...Running through Tall Grasses...Following My Heart...Laying Down a New Trail...A Creative Course filled with Sharp Turns and Complete One-eighties. I HAD to Go through so much to be able to Shake myself out of Everyday Habits...and to be able to Question Everything as I thought I Knew it...

I Still am...Let's make this part clear too...I am Trying Just Like Everyone Else...Knowing this Stuff Helps...It Gives me a Reason to Pause and an Option to Choose...Sometimes I Choose Wisely...Sometimes I Don't. But I already Know as long as I make Mostly Good for me Choices...I will be Mostly Doing Good...So I allow myself Forgiveness...Give myself 20% Wiggle-Room Right off the bat...and I just don't sweat it...I think we all Know when we Slow Down and Think About Things It's Not about being Perfect, or Keeping track on a List...It is about Trusting your Body, Listening from within, and Living Your Life in Peace-Love-and Joy. When you are in Control of you...Everything Changes.

Remember that the Poison is in the Dose...So I can Dose...or I can Overdose...Since I am More in Control of Me...and Not so Heavily Toxified as I once was...I am not apt to Overdose so much anymore...and When I Do Dose (imbibe) my body usually gives me a little signal of any variety of things (wink; wink;) to let me know that really was Not my bodies favorite choice...Just a little reminder to keep it Moderate...But Enjoy...

Life is Meant to be Enjoyed...It does not have to 100% this Way...Or...100% that Way...In fact 80/20 is a good place to Strive For...Mostly Healthy with a Little Bit of Wiggle-Room. JOY is what we are Shooting For...Living our Lives in JOY!!!

My point to all of this is...It may take a BIG Life Circumstance to Knock you over before any of this makes sense to you...Or makes you want to Listen to your Own Heart...IF something Enormous happens in your Life...and you Feel like the core of you has been broken down...It probably has...But rather than a Total Devastation...It can be The Opportunity you Need So that you Can build your Foundation again...In a More Pleasing way to YOU. Do not Fear it...Accept it...Embrace that this IS the way it is Now...and You Do what You Can Do.

For in the end...More Fertile Soil is what remains...and If we Plant our Roots and Build our Foundations on Fertile Soil...We can not help but to be Impressed by the Beauty that Rejuvenates in the Place of Total Depletion.

It is all...of course...YOUR Choice to Make...I am here to Testify that there is a Beauty that comes from allowing Reincarnation to Totally Transform your Life as you Thought You Knew it...If you will Trust and Allow in the Process of Listening to your Own Heart...It will Lead You to where YOU are Supposed to be...Even if it is not Logically where you had Planned or Thought you would be. Trust in Your Own Heart To Lead you Where YOU should Follow.

Expect that there may be a Storm before the Calm...But the Calm Will Come if you Allow it...Just Roll into it baby! It may get Rough at times...but you Will Make it Through. You are Resilient and Powerful Beyond Your Own Measure.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • FITJEN48
    Oh, girlfriend. First of all, I am so proud of you. SO PROUD OF YOU! It certainly has been a journey, and it has been an awesome privilege to watch the transformation. You are a wellspring of wisdom. First, "sometimes the more we lose the more we gain." AMEN. I don't think anybody volunteers for that route, but it is the richest path, full of gems and incorruptible riches.

    Wiggle room! Yes. I would be the meanest girl this side of the Mississippi without it.

    And finally, fertile soil. As things get ripped and pulled out of the dirt that is my life. I am oddly joyful. I don't like it, but there is a sense of joy in the renewal. Things that were in that soil have added to its richness so that whatever is planted will bloom all the more beautifully.

    Thanks for the goodie. Thanks for sharing your heart. Thanks for sharing the road, albeit via the information superhighway, with me.

    1074 days ago
    emoticon Good words to hear today!
    1075 days ago
    I'm sorry for your loss, but as you said, it was a blessing not a loss to have had a wonderful brother for 40 years. Like you, I have weathered many life and death situations and learned a lot.
    1075 days ago
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