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Have We Been Set-Up To Fail - Old Outdated Beliefs Built from Inexact Knowledge

Friday, April 08, 2016

Have We Been Set-Up To Fail - Old Outdated Beliefs Built from Inexact Knowledge

Do Ya Ever Get The Impression That We Have Been Set-Up For Failure

My Goodness...This gets interesting...The more you Wake-Up...Think for Yourself...and Pay Attention. We've been so caught up in the electronic revolution...That we've forgotten the most Important "olution" there is or ever will be...and that my Friend is Evolution.

There seems to be no need to use our Imagination or Creativity...We are Evolving into a Less Thinking Species...That is what we Do...We Adapt Right...We have to STOP Adapting Now...and Start Evolving again...Whoa! I'm calling attention to what I see...(a few subjects at a time...there is Much to Discuss.)

So the First thing...We have already Discussed...Me sitting in the Doctors office waiting for my daughter...reading a magazine on Diabetes that is basically a Manual for How to Stay Sick. I Know this...because I have taken the Time to Know For Myself what is Healthy...I have educated myself as anyone can do...(and absolutely should do)...through click after click...Not just scrolling...or playing a mindless game...but absorbing knowledge...asking questions...being curious...asking more questions...seeking answers...and thinking without limiting thinking....asking a lot of "What If" questions...I am now the Proud Owner of my very Own Home-Made Degree. Didn't cost a Dime...But Time....and a Willingness to think Beyond what we Think We Know.

The Medical System...No Big Surprise there...According to what we have been Learning...It would appear that the Medical System is not Very Good at Healing...But they sure can help you with "Maintenance Medicine"...That Will Maintain the Problem for you...Meaning Not Better...But at least this Much...a Pill a day ought to do the trick...(Not the Doctors Fault but the System again) Yet So many Folks are addicted to the Practice of Staying Sick. It's auto-pilot-routine-programmed. They Think and Believe that someday...Someday...the Doctor will finally find a convenient way to Fix their problems.

When all along we don't need a Doctor or Medicine. We just have to take Accountability of our own actions...and stop toxifying our bodies. Soon as we stop putting toxins in...we reset back to our 100% Healthy the way we are meant to Naturally...When we allow for our body to be in a Natural Environment.

We attack ourselves if we are eating processed foods and stoking our metabolism every 3-4 hours as suggested.

What that Really means...we are Constantly in Fat Storing and Disease Promoting. Constantly Heading Toward Sicker and Sicker...Until it Turns to Disease and Cancer...and Worse. Staying Sick...Staying Overweight...Staying Emotional...Staying Depressed...Staying Everything Negative we already Know and Have...Because this is the Inevitable Outcome of Processed Foods.

It causes us to Rely on someone else to fix our problems...Trusting that someone else knows our bodies better than nature...We put ourselves at risk this way...Relying on an outward source to "fix" an inside problem...Hmmmm?

We do this because this is how we have always done it...It is what is normal and civilized thinking I suppose. You see we as Humans also Gravitate toward Popular Opinion and Suggestion.

When we are too trusting we may end up someones fool...

Best to take Charge of it Yourself...Listen to your Inner Voice...You intuition...It Will Give you All of The Answers Exactly Perfectly Right for You...Now this is a Valuable Resource for what IS Truly in Your Best Interest...To be Certain...Would you agree?

Go ahead...ask your Heart...or Your Intuition...Your Gut...What does it feel about the Medical System? Ask if it Knows how to Heal You? What does it say? Do you need a Doctor and Medicine or are you Capable by yourself by Just Choosing to Not Toxify your body in the first place?

That is all Processed "Foods" are...Thanks to Jon Gabriel and his Gabriel Method/Solution I call them Dead Foods...and I am having a hard time using the word Food at all...Food implies Nourishment...Processed Foods have None...Nada...Zip...Nothing...
No Nourishment in any way shape or form...at all...Did I make that point clear? It is Important to Understand.

Plain and Simple...No Processed Foods = No Problems
...Really and Truly and Literally...Easy-Peasy-Lemon Squeezy.

If we Don't eat the Processed Dead Foods which our bodies Do Not Recognize...Then our bodies no longer break down our healthy cells to deal with the stranger danger that came into your body...

Rather...Now we Stay 100% Healthy as we already are...when we don't send mixed messages from toxic food choices.

When we remove Dead Foods and we only eat 100% Organic Healthy and Whole Foods we Become 100% Organic Healthy and Whole. Right? Whenever you eat these foods you take on All of the Health Benefits of that Food...So you are Better than you were Before you ate the food because your Choices are Now Healthy and Healthier...You see that...Right?

Now when we No Longer Eat Processed Foods...We No Longer Trigger our Disease Promoters. Processed Foods Turn On our Disease Promoters...

While Not Eating Processed Foods would do the Opposite and Turn on our Disease Preventers. Now...No Processed Foods to send Mixed Messages...and we are Constantly in Disease Prevention. Meaning Not Sick. Preventing Disease. Also known as...100% Healthy.

Additionally...Processed Foods cause us to turn on our Fat Storage...and when we eat as little as 80 Processed Food calories we trigger the chemical reaction...Now we are Only Storing Fat...but worse than that...We store Fat for the next 7-72 hours within eating that Processed Food..and worse than that...if you eat more processed foods before the last ones wore off (so if you do eat Dead Foods every 3-4 hours like "they" suggest)...You are Always Always Always in Fat Storing and Disease Promoting.

But if you Do Not Eat Processed Foods...The Opposite Happens and Now You are a Fat Burning Machine...Constantly Burning Fat the way Nature intended. Your Perfect Size and Shape as Nature always meant.

Tell me this makes sense to you all? I hope I am translating it well enough so that everyone can understand what I am trying to say here. It is Important to Understand the Effect of Processed Foods.

If you eat them...Negative Side Effects to Be Expected. Know it. You Will Turn on Fat Storage-Disease Promoters-Negative Emotions-It just goes Down...There is no up...So from Bad to Worse.

If you Do not Eat Processed Foods...Positive Side-Effects to be Certain. You will Burn Fat-Turn on Disease Preventers...Have Positive Thoughts....and It will only get Better and Better...It just Goes Up there is No Down...No deficiencies...Everything is 100%.

So that's a layer...

Schools are another layer...The way we are set up now is for Judgment (A,B,C,D,F) and Learning History bred from Misinformation and Inexact Knowledge...Rather than Life Skills that would be most useful. Like how to handle money and think independently. It is a constant flurry of reciting somewhat irrelevant information...Programming...Ra
ther than allowing for Creativity and Thinking Skills that integrate you into living a healthy and robust life. We stifle Thinking in exchange for Programming...This all happens in our Youth...Our Most Fertile Imaginations...and we stifle them through a Uniformly Flawed System....Through no fault of the Teachers. They are a slave to the system...It is the System that is flawed...The Teachers are Great.

We breed Leaders in this type of Judgmental System based off Who is the best...(Not Thinker) bust Most Programmed and Programmable...and Then we send them off to Lead our Worlds...

While we leave the Creative and Imaginary Thinkers behind the ones who are Brilliant but had a hard time conforming to the curriculum. How many Incredible Leaders have we missed because we based our Judgments for who is a Good Leader from a Flawed System...and we caused our Brilliant ones to Shine a little less perhaps through telling them they were not good enough because they didn't give the correct normal answers.

Our Beliefs are Old-Outdated-Built off Misinformation and Inexact Knowledge of Fallible Man...Time to Evolve. What if we allowed our kids to use their Creative Genius to run our World rather than basing our Future Leaders off who has the most Programmed information retention.

I'll leave you with this video I found today...another Great Ted Talk (and Trust me...They are not All Great...I've been through many.) but this one made me pause for thought...She speaks about the Brilliance in being an introvert...Which I do kind of relate with to some degree...and Taking the Pressure off of every person to be Forced to Think and Work in Groups...But To Naturally be a Quiet Leader from a Quiet Place...I think we could change the Dynamic of our noisy World if we would just Stop Participating in the Problem...But First we must Become Aware of it...Right?

Don't Ape the Beliefs of the People around You...Take Back the Power in Solitude and Thinking for Youself...

Susan Cain: The power of introverts

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