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Check out my sexy genes

Monday, April 04, 2016

My boyfriend bought me a DNA test kit for Christmas because we are both giant nerds and genetics are really cool. I'm working on a psych degree specifically because I find it fascinating how so many different factors come to play in order to make us who we are. I love learning about how our brains work and how we can change and influence our behaviors and thought patterns on a chemical and structural level by our physical actions. It just fascinates me, and I always want to know more.

I got my results yesterday, so I've been poring over them, and here are some of the cool things I found out:

-I am 99.9% European, 62% British and Irish.

-I have an atypcial BCHE gene expression, which means I may have a harder time metabolizing certain anesthetics and muscle relaxants. This is useful because it would mean that I should have a lower dose of these should I ever need surgery or dental freezing. I'll be sharing this with my doctor for sure!

-I have markers that indicate certain medications will be much more effective for me if I ever need to change what I take to manage my bipolar disorder. What I take now is working pretty well, so I hope I don't ever need to use this info, but should worse come to worst, I can give this info to my psychiatrist and we can possibly eliminate one of the most frustrating parts of med adjustments: finding one that works, because everybody is different. I also know which ones are more likely to make me gain weight, so I can put them on the bottom of the 'to try' list!

-I have a slightly increased risk for obesity and type-2 diabetes, which highlights why I need to continue to be diligent about stickng to my healthy lifestyle after I've reached my goals.

-I have a genoset that means I am likely to lose 2.5X more weight on a low-fat diet than I would if I tried to restrict carbs

-If I was a dude, I'd already be bald XD

-I have a much higher risk of developing lung cancer than the average population. This means I need to quit smoking. Luckily, I also have a much higher chance to kick the habit for good if I do quit because I also have a genetic tendency to be less addicted to nicotine.

-This one is my favourite: My muscles are inclined to be better performing than average, especially in things like sprinting and power sports. This means that I will get more benefit from things like high intensity cardio and strength training than average.

Obviously, none of these things things are set in stone, they are predictors and hugely influenced by environmental and behavioural factors (my supposedly awesome muscles aren't going to perform if I don't get off my duff and use them!), but it's good information to have.

The future is now! Yay science :)
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