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Monday, April 04, 2016


This is going to be a FUN Conversation...If you have been following my blogs, You are One of the Lucky Few who KNOWS That Processed Foods are the SOURCE of All of our Cancer-Sickness-and Disease. There I just said it...Read Previous Blogs for Further Detailed Explanation..

Today I'd like to go back to that Reverse Reality we began creating the other day...Let us Dare to Imagine

...A World WITHOUT Processed Foods...

Let's continue to Explore what that World is like...We don't know do we...So we have to use our Imaginations...Put on your Thinking Caps because we need to use our Power of Unlimited Thinking...Putting on your Thinking Cap will Protect you from Current Beliefs that want to argue the point...We are just taking in information. There is Nothing to Argue because we are just being Creative here...This world does not exist...YET...So It is wide-open. Although there are some things that can just be implied as the Opposing Result...You Understand? Think Either/Or... Let's Envision what our Future COULD be Like if Enough of us decide this IS the way to go. Let's see what we would be Gaining!

Processed Foods No Longer Exist...We found through Discovery That Processed Foods Were Indeed The Source of All Cancer-Sickness-and Disease. We Took Back Control of our Lives...and Banned them Eternally.

We Took back Control of Our Own Health. Realizing Now that we are All 100% HEALTHY when we don't put the Toxins of Processed Foods in our Bodies any longer.

No Toxins = No Problems!

Our Bodies All Reset back to 100% Healthy in as little as 10-30 days of NOT Putting the Toxins in our Bodies! NATURALLY...Without the need for Medicines or Doctors...We are HEALED!!!

Doctors are there now to Tend to the Injured...All Cancer-Sickness-and Disease was a Man-Made Problem from Consuming Man Made Products that our Bodies Could Not Understand. There is No Longer any Medical Bills to worry about...No more Monthly Maintenance Medicines...No more Practices that Kept us sick. No more raising $$ For ANY Sickness...Realizing Now that it was all Unnecessary to begin with.

Gone are the days of Prescribing Man-made Drugs to Perpetuate the Problem. No Longer do Doctors receive Motivation to Sell Drugs...Rather They Now Serve to HEAL as they always Meant to do...Drug companies only exist now for the Actual Treatment of Certain Issues...Rather then being the Rule.

No Longer do we Have Forced Medical Vaccinations or Insurance Companies. Obamacare is just a Funny Phrase from the past now...These things are not an issue...We are No Longer Sick or Diseased or Cancerous. There is NO NEED.

No Longer do we weep and mourn over the loss of friends family and loved ones so often, nor so young...Now folks pass on from Old Age...Really Old Age. We are Living Longer because Everyone is in OPTIMAL Health! Our Elders are Elder again and Wise from Many-Many-Years of Experience and Knowledge. We No Longer Feel Loss from their Passing...But ENRICHED by their Spirit.

No Longer do we wage wars or Kill our neighbor...Our Hormones are FINALLY in Check and We are In Control of our Emotions...Everyone...Because we no longer have the Side-effects of Processed Foods to contend with. Gone are the days of Super Ego and Negative Emotions. We No Longer have to contend with the Negative Domino Effect that Processed Foods Always was Responsible For.

Now we are all Living Our Lives in JOY...The way we were ALWAYS Meant to...Until man Stepped in and tried to Fool Mother Nature. No longer do we accidentally trigger the Hormones for the Negative Side-Effects...It's just not an issue anymore since Processed Foods No Longer Exist! Now our Hormones are always in Balance...Which means WE are Always in Balance. We are Respectful of Others. We Exude Confidence and Joy...We make it our Job to not only make ourselves Happy but to Continuously Raise the Vibration of Our Own Bodies...Which Automatically and Effortlessly Raises the Vibrations of the Nations...

We are ALL Finally Living in NATURAL HEALTHY WHOLE Circumstances...There are No Lacking Vitamins, Minerals, Hormones, Emotions...No Deficiencies...We are 100% WHOLE and As Vibrant as the Foods that we eat. We are actually IN Harmony! We have Found HEAVEN-ON-EARTH! It DOES Exist! We've Unlocked the Mystery and Found an Actual Solution through Experience-Knowledge-and Educating Ourselves. This IS The HOLY GRAIL!

Gone are the days of Counting calories and Tracking Exercise and Trying to work off every calorie in a futile effort that never got you very far...We No Longer have Cravings Compulsions Nor Guilt associated with Exercise or Food...Now we Just ENJOY our Time in Nature without checking off a list to see if we get a Gold Star for our accomplishments...No Fitness Trackers to Monitor anything...Our bodies just Work Naturally...This is no longer our Focus...We no longer rely on an outward source to Keep us Focused and on Task...There is Nothing Lacking and No More Self-Doubt or Verbal Abuse...It just Does Not Exist anymore...Hormones are in Balance...There are No Deficiencies...We find our Guidance from the Inside...Not Outside Sources...It's a Whole New World...Literally! we can Trust our Own Bodies to Function Properly...Just like every other Creature on the Planet...Nature Knows Best!

This is just So Exciting to Think of!!! The More We Envision a world like this...The More We Strive for a World Like this...The Closer it will Become to Being An Actual World Like this...

This Once again...Is all within our Control...We Get to Decide...But Each Individual has to be on board in order for this to work. Once folks Realize there IS a Choice to be made...To Eat Processed Foods and Suffer the Consequences of Negative Side Effects...Or To Eat HEALTHY and WHOLE Foods and Be Rewarded with Healthy and Positive Side-effects and that it is a Personal Decision with a Personal Outcome that will Either Be Positive or Negative Depending on which you Feed with Most. It is Either-Or. You cannot do both at the same time...So the CHOICE is Always Ours...and Ours Alone to Make.

Processed Dead Foods-Stress/Negative Emotions = Insulin + Cortisol (Hormones) = Fat Storing = Disease PROMOTERS = Sickness/Disease/Cancers = Low/No Energy = Dead

and Just the Opposite... There is a SOLUTION!!!

Healthy WHOLE foods make you Feel HEALTHY and WHOLE = They offer you ENERGY and Help your body Function Optimally, Naturally = You Turn on your Disease PREVENTERS = You Grow YOUNGER and More Vibrant and Thriving = Your Energy Soars = Your Confidence Grows = Your Enthusiasm spreads = You feel Fulfilled = You Feel Loved by YOU!

It would make Sense that if we Stop Putting the Junk in every 3-4 Hours as we are Instructed for a Speedy Metabolism...That The Side-Effects will STOP because they will No Longer be an Issue...By Going to the SOURCE...RATHER Than Treating Symptoms...We are Able to REVERSE and CURE the Damage...We CAN HEAL Ourselves Simply by STOP Putting the Toxins in to begin with and then NOT Putting them in as a Rule. That makes Logical Sense...Right?

Look...It is Time My Friends...Time to EVOLVE. Civilizations Either Evolve or Go Extinct...If we Don't CHANGE the Processed Foods Epidemic...Extinction will be our Only Option...Do you wanna Go out that way....Really?!?!?!?! Let us Redeem ourselves before it is too late...

The ONLY ones who will be around to See the Future are the Ones who Choose to Go Through Metamorphosis...Which is a COMPLETE and DRASTIC CHANGE...Those Who Do Not Change...Their demise is written in the sand...There should be No Surprise.

We MUST Realize We Actually HAVE a CHOICE...As we Always Do...A World with No Processed Foods...Starts with YOU...One at a time...We must make our Choice. The more of Us that Eliminate Processed Foods from our Diets...The Sooner we can Get this Ball Rolling...I Know...You want someone else to make it happen FOR You...But THAT Ain't Gonna Work...It is an INDIVIDUAL Choice...and You Will Get what YOU Decide.

If enough of us Just STOP the INSANITY...The Message will Spread...Quickly...Once Folks see with their own eyes Folks being HEALED of Every Ailment...Stage 4 Cancer victims being HEALED not by Medicine or Doctors...But NATURAL Foods and Getting their Hormones in Balance...Their Disease PREVENTERS On...Rather than Stress and Processed Foods and Man-made Concoctions causing Disease Promoters and Fat Storage. It's Just NOT-NOT-NOT an Issue if there are No Processed Foods to Contend with.

A World where there is No More Side-Effects...Every Side-Effect there Ever was stems from PROCESSED FOODS...Man made Concoctions that our Bodies Simply Do Not Understand and therefore react adversely...That is all that is...If we STOP with the Toxins...Then we only THRIVE and Grow YOUNGER and HEALTHIER there is NO REASON for our Bodies to Break Down when we are Eating HEALTHY and WHOLE ORGANIC FOODS...We BECOME Healthy and Whole and Organic! You absolutely ARE What you eat!

There is no more finger pointing or staring or awkward moments as there are No More Lame-Sick-or Diseased. Everyone is 100% HEALTHY as they have Always Been when we Don't Send mixed Messages through man made chemicals and toxins. No more birth defects...No more Drug Dependent people...We have Nothing To escape any longer...Nothing to Fix...No more Negative Feelings/Emotions/Random Outburst...No Side-Effects for anyone...So Our World is no longer Focused around the Sick Diseased and Dying...It just is NOT an Issue...We are All Living in Joy and Thriving and Happy...because our Hormones are in Balance...It is a Whole Other World to be Sure!

No More Balding...No More Man Issues...No More Woman Issues...No More Skin Issues...No More Anything...We will all be 100% HEALTHY and WHOLE just as we were always meant to be...No Lack of Anything...Everything Grows Properly...Works Properly...EVERYONE Looks Perfectly Healthy and Whole. No Hunches...No Protrusions...No Break-Outs...Everything is Symmetrical and Visually Appealing...Perfect in Creation.

There are No Brain Disorders or Dysfunctions...No Nerve Issues...No Inflammation Issues...There is No Lack...Therefore there are No Negative Side Effects to Contend with...At all.

NOW we No Longer are Spending our $$$ on Things that Perpetuate the Problem. There is no more Junk Food...Our restaurants had to get with the Program and Serve WHOLE FOODS...Processed Foods are not even an option unless it is a garnish.

I want to share with you a List of Side Effects from Processed Foods and a List of Side Effects for Whole Foods...Just to really make it Crystal Clear...Remember...The Choice is ours...and In changing this One Decision to Eat or to NOT Eat Processed Foods...Many Things automatically Correct...It is just a matter of whether you activate the Positive Side-Effects...Or the Negative... These are FACTS...


oily anal leakage (I know...You DON'T want that do you?!?!?!)
autoimmune disease,
major organ system damage,
birth defects,
growth problems,
hearing loss
kidney and nervous system disorders,
gastrointestinal discomfort
organ system toxicity
breast, colon, and prostate cancers

Did I mention Cancer?!?!

*I'm gonna list the side effects of WHOLE FOODS too...Just to be Fair...


plant-based eating may successfully control weight (better than diet pills),
prevent and treat type II diabetes and prediabetes (even in children),
help prevent an abdominal aortic aneurysm,
prevent gallstones,
improve cognition,
prevent Alzheimers disease,
prevent age related macular degeneration,
slow aging,
raise childhood IQ,
improve body-odor,
reduce waist circumference,
reduce allergies,
reduce abdominal fat,
improve sexual problems,
lengthen life span by turning back the clock 14 years,
cure acne,
prevent Crohns disease, ulcerative colitis, and diverticulosis,
prevent and treat kidney stones,
prevent hiatal hernias,
protect oral health (though be careful brushing after sour fruit),
protect against metabolic syndrome,
treat multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia (see also here),
prevent and treat Parkinsons disease,
ease menstrual breast pain and dysmenorrhea,
prevent vaginal infections,
treat asthma and eczema,
treat cellulite,
improve our moods,
and cut down on the need for drugs and surgery.
an improved mood and productivity.
Plant-based diets also help in the prevention and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Isn't it WONDERFUL to KNOW that so much can be Changed and Controlled by the very SAME thing...The Decision to Eat or to NOT Eat Processed Foods...It's like killing 50 birds with One stone!!!

So the First List...The Side Effects of Processed Foods List...EVERY SINGLE THING ON IT WILL BE ELIMINATED IF-IF-IF- We ELIMINATE PROCESSED FOODS. That Makes Sense to you Right?

This is not Just a Pipe Dream...This CAN Be Our Reality...If Enough of Us Become AWARE and Help Others become AWARE that We have Some Decisions to make here...It's time to Review your Belief System Realizing that Everything we THINK we Know is based off of Misinformation and Inexact Knowledge...Therefore any of your Goals are Now 100% Irrelevant and you have to wipe clean the whole slate and begin anew anyway. UnLearn Everything you Thought You Knew. We REALLY CAN HAVE HEAVEN ON EARTH!!! It IS Feasible! You Don't have to take on the Challenge of Changing The World...Just Changing YOUR World is The Solution to Everything. Everyone must do it for themselves...So Let's Just Go...and Do It...No one can do it for you...YOU CHOOSE!

It's NOT Gonna Hurt...It's Gonna be GREAT...You are not Giving Up Anything Except ALL of those Negative Side Effects...The Choice is Ours to Make...And it IS a Choice.

Go back to that List of Positive Side effects...Because THIS Would be the Outcome of a World WITHOUT Processed Dead Foods...This is what we will be GAINING!!!

Dare to BELIEVE that THIS CAN HAPPEN...One Person at a time. We ALL must Be Accountable to our Own Health and Make the Decision For Ourselves. And that is ALL it Takes is ONE Decision to Change EVERYTHING EFFORTLESSLY! By Choosing to NOT Eat Processed Foods you are Now a Part of the SOLUTION!!!

Thank You for Following along and Opening Your Belief System for CHANGE. This Can Happen...If We Make it Happen!

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