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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

So on Easter Sunday I was sad because I had purchased a dress for Easter several weeks before, it was sleeveless and on Easter Sunday it decides it wants to be in the low 50's and raining. So I have to wear a long sweater thing over by very pretty dress that I bought for Easter. I spent all of this time lossing weight and wanting to look good for easter only to have to cover it up with a ugly black sweater.

It is a tradition to go to my Grandmother's church on Easter Sunday so we traveled an hour to her church so that we can then after church have lunch at her house and when the children where smaller do an easter egg hunt. I have been a member of my Grandmother's church for years but we no longer live out there and we go to a church closer to our house. I have not seen the members of the church in probably 6 months. When I walked into church on Sunday one person told my sister "your sister has lost alot of weight". My sister told her "well you should tell her" she did not tell me and my sister told me later but it felt nice to hear that someone noticed. Then when I was at my Grandmothers my uncle asked me how much I had lost and when I told him I had lost 42 pounds, but it had taken almost a year to do it he was shocked. I had not seen my uncle since Christmas and I guess it surprised him to know I had lost that much.

I guess when you do not see people for a while and they see you they can see the difference but people who see you day to day do not notice the change as much. I am almost to my 1/2 way point of my journey. I wanted to lose 95 pounds so I still have 53 pounds left to go but it feels good to finally get noticed for my efforts. So I will continue chugging along and it will probably take me another year to hit my goal but in a year I will be much healthier and I can't wait to see what size Easter dress I will be wearing next year!
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