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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Today's the day, it's time I change my tracker on my page. I have struggled for a while now with gaining back everything I've lost previously and more, so much so that I changed my tracker to my fitness tracker. I admit it, I was embarrassed at the fact that I was gaining it back. Am I the only one that's ever experienced this feeling? Absolutely not!

I have struggled for quite a while now with my weight, weight that I gained primarily due to being hypothyroid and early menopause. Combine those two things and losing weight is the worst. I've tracked my calories here for years, stayed around 1200 calories a day even when I was working out two hours a day and finding little success. I resorted to taking prescription pills and lost a little, only to have it quit working as quick as it started thus gaining it back yet again.

Well, confession time. I turn 50 this summer and have noticed increasing achiness in my knees. Well, this year was going to be it, something had to give and something I never wanted to consider - I asked my endocrinologist about weight loss surgery - I cried. I've always been able to lose when I really put my mind to it. Thankfully, my Endo is understanding and sympathetic. He even supported what I already knew - losing weight is much harder for some people than others - he agreed I was a good candidate.

So before contacting my primary Dr for a referral, I did my research on my health insurance website and found that many doctors and even insurance companies require an "official" program participation - like Weight Watchers, Nutrisystems etc for 3 months prior to being ok'd for surgery. Well, knowing my primary care office likes to doddle around I thought I'd beat them to the punch. I joined Weight Watchers in January right before I spoke to my Endo about the procedure. My plan was to do the 3 months then go in and show them it didn't work. Well I don't know why but all I can say is their new smart points system has been MAGIC for me - it's working and working fast. I can't explain it, but I no longer track calories, I track points, and today marks 11 weeks on WW and I am ecstatically proud to say that I am down 32.4 pounds in those 11 short weeks ... and counting! Besides the weight loss, I've already dropped a pant size and this size is starting to loosen as well!

I am so happy now that the thought of surgery has flown right out the window. I am now happily looking forward to weigh-in each week and looking ahead with a smile on my face towards my birthday this summer - oh yes, and for my daughter's wedding this Fall!

So today I change my tracker from fitness minutes to my weight loss tracker - smiling and proud of the place I currently am today, and looking forward to the place I end up!

To anyone who may read this, I send good wishes for much success. Remember to celebrate all the successes, no matter how small they may be - both on the scale and off!

God bless!
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