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The Trinity: God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Have you ever asked yourself these questions: ýCould there be an easier way to getting my life back on track? ýIs there a simple way of getting rid of my fast food cravings for good? ýHave you ever felt the feeling of being insecure in your own skin? ýDid you ever want to seek help to resolve your issues but something was holding you back? ýHave you ever thought to yourself that there must be a secret weight loss formula kept hidden away in a treasure chest or kept secured in a sneaky location at a celebrity's mansion? Well, as a matter of fact, it is most certainly true that there are secrets out there, but we won't ever know them all. What we can do is to seek God and His word to help better ourselves by taking baby steps everyday. That's it. It's not a secret, but rather diligent seeking of the Lord Almighty. You are the treasure chest and your brain is your treasure. It's value? Worth more than any amount of money in the world-beyond anything we could have ever asked for. We are rich yet some of us don't know it yet. Each mind is designed to operate uniquely different, but all minds have a same button that we can press into. God. It is your secret weapon to achieving anything in life and it's available to the human race. That is why I believe it is possible to lose weight; it is possible to survive a snake bite; it is possible to make it through a heartache or depression. IT IS POSSIBLE people to recover from chemotherapy, anorexia, and even breast or prostate cancers! Anything is possible with God. He is a God of miracles! How many of you believe in a greater being that created us?
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