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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Good or bad, hard to tell, but I actually called Centurylink to cancel my service with them as of the 4th of next month. I went over my budget with my advisor... I pay tithing and the rent, I pay my power bill and phone, and I pay transportation, medical copays and prescriptions that aren't on the insurance formulary, and little stuff like laundry and toiletries.

Or at least, I'm supposed to. I have somewhere around eight bills, and only have money for four. Something has to go, and this is the most logical one to start with.

Something has to go.

As long as I pay my tithing, I can get help on rent and power and transportation when I need to, so that stays. The rent is a no-brainer, too, although my advisor did ask about getting a room mate... besides, I've had plenty of roomies and the only ones that lasted more than a few months were my sister and my ex-DH so no thanks! Fastest way to Bedlam for this kiddo... and my lease is up so I'm not sure they're going to renew, though I don't know why they wouldn't... I'm still moving in! LOL

ANYWAY... I'll keep in touch either way. It's still better than where I was this time last year!

Love ya!
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I now have about two weeks to save all my successful menus and my exercise program onto a zip drive &/or get them printed out so I have them to look at on a daily basis, and one day a week I will be going to McDonald's or the library or somewhere to use their free WIFI. I have to research what day will work... some of it will depend on working it around doctor appointments etc. So, I'll try to keep you all informed.

I'm going to miss a lot of the activity online, but I'll get more done too...
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