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Friday, March 11, 2016

I am once again experiencing hunger. And it's ok. In fact it's more than ok..I'm enjoying the feeling of being hungry. When I read or hear people saying they are emotional eaters, I nod my head in understanding but I'm not really sure I do understand. Some people are presented with a stressor. They react or they don't react. And then in private or later based on that stressful event, they eat their feelings. I mean...I grasp the idea. I just can't say that was me. Because of the hunger.

Hunger is many things. For some, it's a minor annoyance. For others and I don't mean to downplay this in ANY way, it's a chronic condition brought on by deplorable conditions. For me, it's a sign that my body is reawakening & actually functioning properly. I'm not mindlessly feeding myself anything & everything I can get my hands on to quiet down any feelings or any emotions. I'm not dulling what I'm feeling with sugar & starch. Of course this is alien territory. And it's a learning process. Today for instance...I let myself get TOO hungry & I got the shakes & before I knew it, my car was aimed for the nearest Starbuxx with a drivethru. Lesson learned. Start carrying something with me at all times. A granola bar. Small packs of nuts. In cooler weather...a cheese stick or yogurt. Water wasn't for any of you thinking of telling a woman who hasn't yet broken out of the 300s to stave off her hunger with WATER...just forgetaboutit!!!

Coming out of the sugar coma means I am going to have to deal with my feelings (good and bad), my emotions (positive and negative), and other people. I can't just nod my head & stuff my face. But do you know what I CAN do? When I'm angry or frustrated or furious, I can go for a WALK. I can clean a bathroom. I can empty a drawer, re-fold the contents & put them all back. When I'm sad...I can journal. I can call a friend. I can blog on SPARK people. I can watch a funny movie or a sad let it ALL out. And when I'm happy I can HUG the people I love. I can complement random strangers. I can send $10 to a go-fund me account. I don't have to eat & I don't have to stuff my feelings down. Like the hunger that I am FEELING...I can feel ALL of my feelings. They are ok. They are acceptable. There is nothing wrong with them...or with me.
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  • CGPS1795
    emoticon I added you as a spark friend. I will always be there for you, whatever team you're on. The leaders of your team will know that you are a newbie and will give you all the help they can. On our team we also have "buddies" for those who need or want them. Try to find someone on your team who has a Challenge under their belt with whom you click and be there fore each other!

    You've found something very important, the difference between, hunger and thirst. Both are valid true feelings. You should probably drink water first, but if you're hungry, you do need to eat, not over eat, but learn to stay in plan. But that's what's going to happen in the Challenge!

    Hang in there! my new Spark Friend! emoticon

    1098 days ago
  • TOTORO66
    From one emotional eater to another, nice blog! I try to stay busy, too. My goal this time round is has been to spend more time on sparkpeople. Before I know it, time has passed and I can finally make my next meal!
    1102 days ago
  • SSMITH017

    I loved reading this. I struggle with the same things. I have had to work at not being afraid of hunger, to treat it more like a friend. After all, like you say, "it's a sign that my body is reawakening & actually functioning properly". What a beautiful way to describe it!

    One thing about water for me is that I can't yet tell the difference between thirst and hunger. How sad is that? So, I usually try water first to see if that makes me less "hungry". Two out of three times, that works. The other time, like you said, forgetaboutit!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1103 days ago
  • AMYJO1967
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    One awesome wasn't going to cut it...I absolutely LOVED this blog! So well said and I'm sure will resonate with a lot of other folks.

    I never thought I was an emotional eater with the exception of the fact that I liked to celebrate with food, but heck, that's typical of people in general or at least it is here in America...more a tradition than an emotional response, I believe.

    Then one night right after I got divorced my ex had called me up, drunk as usual, ranting like a loon again, and after a heated (and utterly pointless) argument, I hung up on him and was stomping around the house....and found myself standing in front of the open refrigerator. The light bulb inside there wasn't the only one that came on!

    It's taken me many years since then to figure out how to tame that particular beast, but I'm getting better at it every day, and I know you will too!
    emoticon emoticon

    Oh and about satisfying hunger with water...I feel ya girlfriend, doesn't cut it for me either, just makes me feel a little ill and sloshy.
    1103 days ago
    1103 days ago
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