Another loss?! Yes please

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

So I had a weigh-in yesterday and I'm down another 3 pounds, yay! I was really glad to see that number, so my little changes have worked the past week.
The weather has been icky and really cold again and that's put a damper on our walks but I've just been tightening up my nutrition.
As far as stress/emotional health, I have been purging every room of our home from all the STUFF that is just existing. I'm really getting into the minimalist mind set and already it is amazing! We have major financial goals this year, including getting rid of ONE of my student loans by the end of the year and then the other loan the following year. Selling all this STUFF will help make that happen! Along with getting some extra cash, its less stuff to clean, less stuff to look at, less stuff to move around etc. I don't know why our brains are automatically wired to have more and more stuff. Its just ridiculous. So getting rid of the "stuff" and the debt in my life will drastically improve my mental health and in turn improve my physical health.
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