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Barriers and self-sabotage

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

As I was saying yesterday, in the last 5 years I have been losing weight I have not been able to go below 220 pounds. And it has nothing to do with whatever method I was using.

Since I am seeing a doctor who specialises in weight loss I figured I should talk to him about it. So I did.

He made me think of what my life was like when I was that weight. What could have happened that would make me affraid of going back there? So we talked about my life in the last 5 years and before. He talked about the fact taht some people are just affraid they can't make it and start stuffing so they can justify not achieving the goals they had set. Some other are affraid of acheiving it and then what.... It can be so different from one person to another but it is crucial to find out what drives oneself to self-sabotage.

I had to think hard of what goes thru my mind when I deliberately stuff myself to sabotage myself. I had to review my last 5 years. I finaly realised that each time I got close to 220 something really bad happened.

First time I got there. I was so on track! eating right, running 3 times a week. I even ran my first 10k! Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer.... All hell broke loose! As I went thru surgery and radiation therapy, I managed to bring my weight up to 270 pounds!

After a little while I got back on track and lost the weight and got close to 220 again. Then I had complications from a simple breast reduction surgery... Again my weight went up.

So last spring I started seeing that doctor. I was close to 260 pounds. I actually saw a 219 on my scale at home. THEN I had to have an emergency gall blatter removal surgery. And I had complications.. lost too much blood had to have blood transfusion...

So now that we have the reason I am affraid, I have to work on reasoning myself and realise that the weight loss had nothing to do with whatever happened in my life in those days. He says it could take some time to get there but since we had found the reason for the 220 barrier, 50% of the work was already done.

So from today I will write down what scares me, then I will explain why it isn't realistic, it doesn't make sense. And I will then write down what would be a more realistic thought. Forcing my mind to go from thoughts that don't make sense in reality to thoughts that are real. What scares me about breaking that barrier -vs- what will actually happen.

I know I have to also work on the 200 pounds barrier that I know is still there. That one comes from when I was pregnant with my youngest. My appendix ruptured when I was 6 months along in my pregnancy. I was not having the right symptoms so it took 24 hours before I got to surgery. Before they could realise what was hapening. Basically, after the surgery it took 3 weeks for my intestins to start working again. I didn't eat for 3 weeks and was pregnant. I lost 25 pounds in those 3 weeks. I actually saw my muscles go away. My child and I were surviving on my stored fat and muscle mass. I could have died but didn't.

When I started eating again and saw all the damage that had been done, I got REAL scared. What would have happened if I hadn't had that fat stored? So I also have to work on that.

When I look at what I have written so far I can plainly see that I have associated lighter weight with being sick. Althought losing weight will NOT change my life totaly, it will make me look better and feel less tired. I will not let my frights get the better of me!

I will do the exercise so that the next time I feel like self-sabotaging I will be able to reason myself (hopefully)


oh I almost forgot. The scale was not good to me as I expected. Can't lose weight while eating everything in sight!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hey therre Hélène. I hope you are taking advantage of that sun outside! It's barely above 0°C but still, it's a lot better than -40 C, heh?
    I've never thought about self sabotage that way so thank you for sharing his toughts. I'll look into it.
    Have an amazing week!
    1089 days ago
    Sorry for all the tragedies that you have been through. It is great that you were able to realize all this with the doctor's help and now you can work on getting rid of these fears. I have not been too active in the past few years but have thought of you lately. I will PM you for the doctor's name. Best of luck.
    1107 days ago
    Funny how we associate bad things happening to us with weight milestones and don't even realize it.

    They were just bad timing events and logicaly you know that but the little bugger in our mind still isn't convinced and starts sabotaging as soon as you get close.

    Hang in there Helene, you will get pass those fears.
    1138 days ago
    I can see where your fears came, from what a hard time you have had... I know from reading your blogs you are an 'amazing' person and you have a lot of knowledge and some guidelines now to help you through.

    Thanks to your blogging about it, we can all look at our experiences and go ahead with some ideas and strategies also.
    1140 days ago
    Glad that you have some of that figured out :) Boy do I wish we could lose weight while still eating everything in sight!! Would make things so much easier!
    1140 days ago
    wow ... well I sure wish you total success this time ... we will win this challenge. roc
    1140 days ago
    I will say a prayer for you that your fear will not overcome or overshadow your need for a healthier & happier life. Life is too short to keep sabotaging a healthier you. In the name of our Lord Jesus you will be an overcomer of all your fears, Amen.
    1140 days ago
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