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Cheese Doodle Day

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Today, 5 March, is National Cheese Doodle Day! Cheese Doodles are made by Wise, and Cheetos are made by Frito-Lay. Would you believe I actually found a song? " Cheese Puffs (In my Closet)", a parody song by Agrimorfee - it's supposed to be a parody of "She Wolf" by Shakira - I don't know that song, either!

S.O.S., see what he buys
S.O.S., or else he cries
He's got cheese puffs in his eyes
Eat 'em now, eat 'em now, eat 'em now

Yeah the saturated fats can be seen all around me
Eating the bag alone ain't no grand larceny
Wide awake now, Kwik-E-Mart open
I got the craving, oh damn I'm hungry!

I've been wasting my health, it's true
Sunday to Sunday, from payday to payday
Not getting enough carbohydrates or decent vitamins might just explain it
Seems that I've been recently accused--
Broke the vending machine at the office
So now I got a job as a grocer
To get me much closer to the aisle just to see it

I hide cheese puffs in my closet
Orange stuff that's so crunchy! (Yummm!)
I hide cheese puffs in my closet
Want 'em all for me to eat (a crunch-a, crunch!)

Got some stashed in my car, eating 10 bags each day
My grocer job so far, despair? Ah, No way!
These crispy crunchies get me so impudent
Can I avoid 'em? No, I just couldn't!

Don't gimme no Jay's or Pringles or Wise, I will catch ya later
When I find the next bag, it's so fine, I exhale hard like Darth Vader
I eat 'em with a little Chivas or Milwaukee, it's what I enjoy (uh!)
So I lead a life of crime, when I hide a bag in my pants, I am a naughty boy!

There's more cheese puffs in my closet
Odor oh so cheddary! (Yummm!)
There's more cheese puffs in my closet
Eat enough so it crusts my teeth! (a-crunch crunch!)

S.O.S.--send out the spies
S.O.S.--see how he hides
Hides the cheese puffs, and he lies (cruncha cruncha crucnha...)
Seek him out, seek him out, seek him out!

S.O.S., no snacks, he cries
S.O.S., what a surprise!
He eats cheese puffs, not French fries
Breaking out, breaking out, breaking out!

I hide cheese puffs in my closet
For my late night snack party (a-cruncha, crunch!)

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